How to Take Care of a Blind Chicken ?


Sep 12, 2020
Stafford, Virginia
Three days ago I noticed that my oldest hen named Brownie wouldn't/couldn't get out of the coop. She wouldn't use her legs. I thought she was dying (she just turned 9) and made her as comfortable as possible. Yesterday (day 3, stupid me) I checked her feet and it looks like bumblefoot. I need some help with trying to do that. I have another thread I'll link here about that.
Brownie is fully blind. Her eyes recently failed on her. I noticed that a while ago she had trouble seeing, partially blind then. Now she cannot see my finger if it was right on her pupil. I use a syringe to give her water, but I am having trouble with feeding her. The feed is a powder mash that I mix with water to solidify a bit. How can I feed her? I have to get some food in her ASAP because she really hasn't eaten in 4 days. How would I take care of her? I know some people will say cull, but I refuse to cull her. Unless she is in pain or is slowly starving to death, I will not cull her. Any ideas? Anybody keeping a blind chicken? Keep in mind that she is 9 and is a very slow chicken. Not the best at her balance. Everybody else (40+ other chickens) bump into her a lot.
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We had a chicken that went blind at 10. She lived till she was 14 and we found that the other chickens started to help guide her, its only just happened so she will have some adjusting to do . Some chickens cope and sadly some don't. If she is friendly then a bit of attention and tlc . Eg food right in front of her and talking to her can help to reassure her . But only time will tell
for the bumble just soak her feet in warm epsom salt water. after some time you should be able to gently pry off the little black patch and drain the swelling.

Now I do not have any blind chickens nor do I have experience, but I suggest to maybe force feed or teach her where the food is. to teach, i guess hold her but kinda make her walk. when she reaches the food, bring her head down and make her beak touch the food. maybe thatll help idk tho. to force feed (not my fav technique i only use if rly needed) you have to have a good grip on their beak and py it open. once its held open you can put in bits of softened mashed food. then lt go and she should swallow. same goes for water. oh yeah and for softened food its just water and whatever they eat if possible. dont make it too watery or dry tho

btw not an expert but these are my personal suggestions
She won't eat at all. I think I have to put her down. She is a very fragile chicken and I think surgery on her feet and then trying to forcefeed her every day is too much for her. She won't put her head down for feed, won't open her beak, won't go for food even though she knows where it is. I don't want her to suffer.

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