1. Annfill

    Hello from Sunny Queensland

    G'day. I am an artist from Qld. I have worked as a vet nurse and photographer in the past. I live in suburbia on a 3/4 acre block with my husband. At the moment I have a roo, 8 hens and 2 newly hatched chicks. They are a mixed flock but predominantly Sussex. I have been keeping chooks for about...
  2. M

    AUSTRALIANS - Herbal Dewormer Question

    Hello, I'm not sure if this forum is the right place to post this question but from what I've seen it's pretty helpful. I used to buy Molly's Herbal dewormer (from America) and used it on my goats. It was really effective and kept them healthy and happy. However, I ordered some more and received...
  3. Buff Orpington Hen

    Buff Orpington Hen

  4. Having some chicken friendly herb snacks

    Having some chicken friendly herb snacks

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