1. rascal66

    Poultry lice on my hair!!!

    Sad story, but my Rooster suddenly died on me this morning. I'm like 85% sure he choked while eating. Especially since his comb and wattle was purple the moment i saw him thrashing around. Anyways, long story short, I went to go process him. I periodically check my flock for lice, but looks...
  2. Smuvers Farm

    Official Squatch Watchers

    A SQUATCH WATCHER is a group of people who had been following a thread about a feral chicken, nicknamed a SQUATCH, after sasquatch, because the OP was the only person who had the *sightings* of the Squatch. So far, a roo has been discovered, but no hen. Although us Squatchers keep yapping in...
  3. RiverStorm

    "90 Days *A Role Play*" Member Page!

    90 Days is a fantasy role-play started by @9SpiceyChickens. The role-play: This is it's member page, where below I will put all of the character forms. DARK GROUP Name: River Katrina Fallyn Gender: Female Group: Dark Group...
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