incubating and hatching

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    Assisted hatching?? Help

    Hey everyone, Here is a pic of an egg which I think is stuck in his membrane. I have never seen a chicken hatch like this and was wonder If I should help him out. All the other eggs have hatched.
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    1 day old and 6 week old chicks.

    Hey everyone, About 6 weeks ago, I hatched one silkie chicken. I got more eggs so he won't be lonely and those hatched today. Can I keep them in the same brooder? How to I make sure the small ones get heat? If I put a heat lamp too low, the older one could jump and burn himself. What should...
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    Humidity dropped to 26%! Please help

    Hello, I am on day 4 of incubating silkie chickens and the humidity dropped all the way to 26%. It was below 45% from 8am to 4pm! Are the eggs okay or are they all dead? What are my chances? Someone please respond I’m freaking out
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    Day 24- passed the float test and I candled them

    It is now day 24. I had 4 eggs in the incubator. One hatched on day 20 and he is happy and healthy. However the remaining 3 show no signs of growth. I did the float test and they all passed, meaning they floated slightly above the surface. I even candled them and I saw the body and veins. Is...
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    Someone Please Help!! Incubating Silkie Chickens

    Hello everyone. I I am incubating 4 silkie chicken eggs and one hatched. It has now been 36hours and no other eggs have hatched yet. Its day 22. I candled them on day 18 and they were just fine. The one that hatched it chirping a lot and I think he needs to be moved to the brooder. However I...
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    Just hatched a baby silkie, but only one hatched and it’s day 21.

    Hey everyone! This morning I woke up to a hatched baby silkie chick. He is very active in the incubator and keeps knocking into the other eggs. He hatched on day 20 and now it is day 21 and none of the other eggs have hatched yet or even piped. What should I do? I candled them on day 18 and they...
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    Day 18 Chick candling

    Hey everyone! I was just wondering if this is normal for day 18. I am hatching silkie eggs and just want some conformation. I just put them under lockdown.
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    Dirty egg

    Hello, I have been incubating silkie chicken eggs for 8 days now and I just read something about not putting dirty eggs in the incubator. I already put a dirty egg as shown in the pic and was wondering if it would be fine. I candled them yesterday and everything seemed to be fine with the embryo...
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    1st time incubating eggs

    This is my first time incubating eggs. The rooster is a spalsh langshan, but all my hens lay the same color eggs so i cant tell them apart. I think i have 2 light brahma eggs and 2 Rhode island blue(RIR x BLU ORP). I was wondering what the new chickens would look like. Its Possible that the...
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