incubating duck eggs

  1. B

    Are legs supposed to look like this???

    Hi everyone! First time Hatcher here. Just had our first duckling out of the shell @day 29, almost 30. He is vigorous, yolk all absorbed, flopping all over making tons of noise. My only concern (apart from hatching late) are his legs. These are taken only minutes out of the shell. Talk me down...
  2. B

    Hi y’all! East Texas poultry farmer.

    Hi y’all! We have a little hobby farm out in East Texas. We are working with chickens, ducks, and quail. In the chicken pens we have Marans (BCM, splash, and breeding for blue), EEs, Wyandotte’s, and a few other colorful egg layers. (I’m kind of a doofus for pretty eggs). Our duck breeding barn...
  3. F

    Hatch day!

    Hi, this is my first time hatching duck eggs, or any eggs for that matter! Today is day 28 and I’m starting to get a little nervous as there is no movement or pips or anything g yet in any of my 5 eggs. I have read a lot about ducks being slow so I’m trying to keep calm. I candle all 5 on day 25...
  4. A

    HELP!! incubator broke on day 25 (lockdown) ducks haven’t internally pipped!!

    Hiya!! This is my first time incubating duck eggs. Yesterday I put my two eggs into lockdown on day 25 and both were showing great signs of development - they were at 37C at 75-80% humidity. Unfortunately last night my incubator broke and blew a fuse - there was a bright white light and I tried...
  5. X3Jack930

    Help! I don’t know how old my eggs are!

    I noticed a mallard duck in my front yard garden over a period of almost a week and found her nest. About 2:30 AM on 04-06-2020, Mama Duck was taken by a fox- it was COLD & raining, so I scooped up the eggs, googled how to hatch without a “broody duck”, made a cardboard box bator (tin foiled...
  6. tanner17567

    Help!! Advice Needed on Air Cell Size and Adjustments to Reach Ideal When Incubating Duck Eggs

    Hi there! This is my first time incubating duck eggs and I have been doing all the research I can to ensure a good hatch. I’ve always heard that duck eggs are far more difficult than chicken eggs, and I really want to do my best to bring these babies into the world! So, with that said, I read...
  7. KaleDaDuck

    What should i do to new eggs while incubating old eggs

    So i recieved some turkey eggs from my friend and he asked me to incubate it.. But my problem is i got 2 muscovy duck eggs incubating (now at day 19) and im frustrated should i throw these 2 eggs (which both of them are developing embryos) or should i not what do i do
  8. FoodFreedomNow

    Denty Duck Egg Incubation

    It's day 23 of incubation for my Runner eggs, including one "denty" egg that rolled out of the coop onto the ground at collection time. :barnie I haven't had luck with getting damaged eggs to hatch in the past, but am hoping that quick application of Liquid Bandage (thanks, @ChickenCanoe) to...
  9. dude with the ducks

    Golden 300 Offspring?

    Does anybody have any experience with incubating golden 300 eggs? I want to know if they are still a good breed as 2nd generation.
  10. Muscovy Wunda

    What have I done wrong???

    Hi all! Long story short timeline- pekin and indian runner duck eggs. Its only just day 23 and I have one clear as a bell internal pip and 6 that are possibly, if not will soon be internal pips. *Incubator Janoel8-48 set at 37.5 degrees Celsius and humidity 50%. Temp checked with mercury...
  11. houseandhomestead

    Incubating Duck Eggs!!! HELP!!! 1 is Day 21, others are on Day 8!

    I was given fertile duck eggs so I decided to incubate them after many failed attempts with our own ducks. I had one fertile egg already in the incubator when I added the new ones. So the first egg is day 21!!!! 21 others are on day 8!!! What do I do!? I’m using the Nurture Right 360 and buying...
  12. Newduckmommy1221

    Please help me see if my duck eggs are well developing! Candled day 24

    Hi guys, please please let me know if my Indian runner duck eggs are developing properly in the egg!!! I candled them just now and it’s day 24. I have had the temperature at 99.5F and humidity between 40-45% throughout their incubation period. I’m in Canada so it’s a lot chilly here. I will...
  13. HenzandHoundzFarm

    How long until I get fertile eggs?

    I'm going to pick up a new drake on Wednesday! I'm so excited! :D I'm going to have to separate him for a few weeks but I'm pretty sure he's really healthy so I'll put him in with my girl soon. How long after they are put together can I begin collecting eggs that will be fertile? :confused: It's...
  14. ashriver924

    HELP! Incubating 4 eggs, 1 very far along (unsure of day), other 3 early stages

    Hey, I have several questions regarding 1 egg in particular. It has been incubated several weeks, (not sure if exact day) and I’m trying to determine how far along it is. In order for me to get prepared for hatching if I’m in fact close to hatch day. Also, with this same egg I was wondering if...
  15. vicks2401

    Ducks First Eggs!

    I have 2 ducks and a drake, all miniature appleyard around 4 months old. Today I have found 2 eggs (the females first ones) and I don't know what to do with them. The drake has been mounting recently so I don't know if they will be fertilised or not. Do I need to wait a bit before candling...
  16. E

    Spraying duck eggs changes humidity?

    Hi Everyone! New here and first time incubator-er question for you... I am on day 10 of incubating my Cayuga eggs. Took them out and sprayed them, gave them a few min to cool down and put them back in the incubator, now my incubator is resting at a 75%-85% humidity where it was 50%. I assume...
  17. Riley Adams

    How far along are my duck eggs?

    Hey there, my duck Lillian is expecting to hatch two babies . She's taking great care of her eggs, and as far as I can tell, the ducklings are in perfect health. My only question Is "When will she become a mother?!" I've been candling the eggs daily, but for some reason I cannot tell which...
  18. Jellybean05

    ~From egg to adult~♡

    Welcome to my "From egg to adult" journal!!:jumpy I will be putting six blue Swedish duck eggs in the incubator soon and I will be taking pictures of the eggs until they hatch and probably until they grow up. You are welcome to ask questions and give advice, although I may not be able to give...
  19. Mixed flock enthusiast

    Duck hatching help

    Hi All, I’ve been lurking on BYC for months but this is my first post. We have 10 Welsh Harlequin and 5 domestic mallard eggs that were set in a still air incubator together 27 days ago. Tonight will start day 28. We’ve been weighing the eggs and targeting 14% weight loss, which has proved tough...
  20. Rubberducky3

    Question about hatching

    I have 5 eggs. The first egg pipped on day 25 and took 49 hrs to hatch. Then 3 more hatched after that. I have one left to hatch. It was 24 hours so I moved the ducklings to a brooder. The last one is still in the incubator. I hear him peeping in his shell but the incubator is so dirty and...
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