Sep 25, 2018
Ontario, Canada
Hi guys, please please let me know if my Indian runner duck eggs are developing properly in the egg!!! I candled them just now and it’s day 24. I have had the temperature at 99.5F and humidity between 40-45% throughout their incubation period. I’m in Canada so it’s a lot chilly here.
I will post pictures of the seven eggs I have in the incubator, please let me know if they are looking okay!!! Thanks so much guys! Appreciate all of youuuuuuus ♥️
Duck egg #1 (candled day 24)
Egg 2 concerns me. The weird black spots in the airspace and the amniotic fluid at the bottom both could indicate trouble (in my experience, at least.) Nothing you can do about it if I'm right, of course, but I'd label that one "most likely to be trouble."

1, 5, 7 are too dark for me to see anything.

6 and 4 look excellent. 3 also looks pretty good.

@WVduckchick and @Pyxis might be able to offer second opinions.

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