1. chickennl0ver

    baby chicken lonely

    so we got 6 chicks in the spring, but very sadly 5 of them passed away recently due to a fox attack, but one survived. we have spent the last week or so tending to her wounds. as of now shes doing a lot better than she was at first, shes even starting to walk on her own (she has an injury on her...
  2. Sarahh_Janeyy

    Puncture wound inside mouth, blood loss

    My troublemaker speckled sussex got into trouble again.. Somehow she punctured the inside of her mouth and was bleeding quite a bit. We brought her to the emergency vet- not knowing what had happened until she was examined or how long she had been that way (I had checked on her at 1pm, then it...
  3. Emily 124

    Duck Amoxicillin Dose?

    How much of this should I give to a duck and how often? And how should I give it to her. I’ve been treating a duck’s wounds for over a month, I’ve taken it to the vet twice. The most recent time I asked them to check the wounds and see how they looked and if I should give it any antibiotics. It...
  4. Ducks and geese7

    Urgent! Goose with injured wing

    Urgent! I have have a 2 and a half month old goose that has injured his/her wing. I'm not sure how it was injured as I was out with them thirty minutes ago and he was fine. I'm not sure if the wing is broken but everytime I touch it he screams. His wing is hanging down and he is laying down...
  5. M

    Splash Cochin Bantam leg/foot injury HELP PLEASE

    Hello! I'm a new chicken owner. I currently have 16 chickens of various breeds. Yesterday I noticed my Splash Cochin Bantam 9 weeks old, (I think that is the breed I know it's a bantam) was lame and not running in the yard with the flock. I picked her up to give her a look over and found that...
  6. ajkarger33

    Goose bill injured; no vet available for 2 weeks

    Hello, My sweet goose got into a scuffle with a dog & fortunately came out relatively unscathed. The only issue is the lower part of her bill has a protrusion that was not visible before. There was never any blood coming from it and she seems to be eating and drinking completely normally, but...
  7. M

    Fluffy the Dinosaur, a tale of Survival

    I’m fairly New to backyard chickening so I Still learn a lot every day. I’ve made mistakes over the past few years such as mixing aggressive breeds with more docile breeds when I wanted to increase my flock/egg production. I spent hours, initially, observing my girls, trying to learn the pecking...
  8. affacat

    Injured baby chick, need advice

    We've usually had great luck introducing baby chicks to broody potential mommas, but today we had the broody hen attack the first chick we dropped in. My wife managed to separate them and rescue the chick, but not before the hen did some damage. It's really hard to tell how serious, but best...
  9. Q

    Limping speckled white

    About 3 days ago I saw her limping as we were bringing the flock in for the night. We grabbed her and brought her in using the dog kennel as the infirmary. I see no visual wounds. The pads of her feet are seem fine. She steps leading with her left foot then her right foot comes and the leg bows...
  10. P

    To cull or not to cull

    Hello , we are first time chicken owners. We are getting ready to process our Rainbow and Australorp roosters this weekend and we have one gimpy Rainbow hen that we were wondering if we should process as well. She has a defect or injury she has been living with where she hobbles around and her...
  11. C


    I have visited my parents and I have noticed that one of their chickens has a swollen leg. They said they noticed it last week and have added apple cider vinegar to the water and also treated the whole leg with betadine. She is eating her laying pellets and vegetables, drinking and pooping...
  12. P

    My Rooster has a fat lip :-(

    Earlier yesterday, I was out with my chickens and it looked like my rooster had a piece of debris on his eye. I figured I’d check him out later when he goes in to roost for the night. As my chickens were filing in, I noticed his face looked a little strange. They went up to roost, that’s when...
  13. S

    Ducks and chicken attacked

    Something got to my ducks and chickens last night. One of my ducks had her face and neck bit and ripped into and I don’t know what might be the best way to help her. As well as one of my hens had a chunk bitten out of her ‘butt’. The blood on both us cleaned up on both as much as possible. But...
  14. Maddog_photog

    Limping duck

    My hen Waddles started limping today. Not sure what’s going on. Video linked: I’ll try and get photos of the bottom of her feet
  15. MamaDuck1985

    Wing feathers injured

    Our Pekin duck has disfigured wing feathers and a strange discoloration that almost looks like mildew in places. She is not being picked on by the flock. She has access to a pond and has clean, dry bedding. The other ducks look healthy. We initially thought the discoloration might be genetic...
  16. L

    Partially black comb on pullet

    I have a 5 month old Gold Laced Wyandotte, and lately her comb has been looking strange. She is the only one in the flock with a rose comb, and over the course of a couple days the back of it has turned black and stands up straight, where before it was parallel with the rest. I'm unsure if its...
  17. J

    Foot injury: break, sprain or something else?

    Noticed one of my girls has toe that wont curls and is pointed in an odd direction. Picked her up and had a feel around the joint, it's solid and there doesn't seem to be any swelling. The toe won't curl after the affected joint and it seems like the other toes on the effected foot curl slightly...
  18. S

    Two week old chick with 'injured' leg

    Hi all you knowledgeable chicken types. I have a two-week old maran chick who has developed an injury in the last couple of days. He was fine when born and happily running around, feeding and drinking as normal, but i noticed that he developed a limp which then got worse to the point where he...
  19. Maddog_photog

    BooBoo on Waddles’ bill

    Hey y’all! My Pekin, Waddles, has what looks like a little red injury on her Bill. Is this something to feel concerned about? Or will it heal on its own?
  20. E

    Discovered a chicken with a severe laceration by the leg - need guidance on how to deal with it.

    There is no apparent internal damage but the skin is lacerated just above the right leg - which is a tough spot because every time she moves it seems to keep the wound open. These pictures are day 3. No signs of infection but the skin is not staying in place and the muscle that was showing is...
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