1. E

    Injury above leg - 5 week old chick

    I'd really appreciate some input on how to deal with this injury to my golden laced wyandote. There is no apparent internal damage but the skin is lacerated just above the right leg - which is a tough spot because every time she moves it seems to keep the wound open. These pictures are day 3. No...
  2. R

    Protruding Wing Bone

    Approximately a month ago, our younger chick was ataacked by an older hen. She was about 8 weeks old. Now, 4 weeks later, she has had her wound cleaned and changed every day. The tissue has gotten thicker but the tissue doesn't seem to be growing up the protruding bone. Does thins just take a...
  3. Jvklol

    Update on twisted beak

    Hello people! here’s an update on my poor girl. Optimus’ beak is now swollen and looks as if her jaw is further unaligned. She’s still eating and drinking but like I said before, she can’t rip apart food very well. I have had an incident before with bee where her beak became swollen and I...
  4. I

    Dislocated duck hip

    My duck has a dislocated ‘hip’ which you can fell is quite obviously out of place she is hobble on 1 leg the other for a bit of valence I was wondering if the dislocated bone will naturally return to its place if not do you have any surgestions or know how to pop the bone back in it is an Indian...
  5. A


    what on earth is this thing i found on my goslings butt? also is it normal for goslings to sound almost like theirs kissing or they have water in their nose when the breathe? sometimes it's even a small clicking noise? i've never raised a gosling before and just don't know about what their...
  6. athenasnow

    Eye swollen shut and very lethargic!

    One of my girls today has been very lethargic and one eye is bothering her. I saw her open it for a sec and it didn't seem red or anything. Just put an apron on her yesterday because she's been bullied and missing feathers. Wondering if she could have been pecked or scratched because she's lower...
  7. T

    Inner eyelid injury in duck

    My problem is resolved but I thought I'd post so other's could see what treatment worked since it seems people will post their problem but not follow up with what worked and how the animal is now doing. My ducks inner eyelid looked like it was torn and was so swollen she couldn't close the...
  8. M

    Help! Injured duck!

    I need some advice from some seasoned duck owners. I had a bird mauled this evening, it looks like something grabbed her by the beak and she got away somehow. The entire top half of her beak has been ripped isn't gone, but the fleshy potion is all exposed and her nostrils were ripped...
  9. C

    Quail Attacked by Magpie!

    Hi, One of my 20 week old quails has just been attacked by a magpie and has a small chunk missing from her head. It is on her left side between her eye and ear feathers. The bleeding has stoped and she’s drinking from a syringe. Apart from that shes not moving and has bothered her eyes closed...
  10. Neutrino

    Injured chick, leg and wing

    I’ve made a big mistake by not listening to the warnings about keeping mommy hen and babies away from the other chickens. My 3 day old chicks were having their run time with mommy hen and I left their door open to allow for fresh air. The Easter egger scaled the fence and made her way into the...
  11. S

    Duck with bleeding nose

    I went to pick up my drake today, and I noticed he had blood collected around his nostrils. Checked him out and the inside of his nose was bloody too. Also couldn't see through to the other side like normally. Went out and took pictures a little later, and he had already washed the blood off...
  12. elizabethu42

    Ducklings neck got stuck between coop door

    As i was putting my ducklings away the door suddenly slammed shut on one of the ducklings necks. It seemed fine after walking around fine but I'm super scared that it was injured because it slammed pretty forcefully on it's neck and remained shut for a few seconds which was a lot of weight. I'm...
  13. O

    HELP! One legged quail... Cull?

    I got a one legged quail today... about 5-6 weeks maybe? He’s not able to stand on one foot. The other foot is almost twisted completely backwards, too. He just scoots/crawls, and it’s incredibly difficult for him to get around. I’m not sure if this is a birth deformity or an injury. This makes...
  14. R

    Chicken bone!

    We are new to raising checkens...we have had four for the past year. We just got four new ones after being raised separately by a relative and are now 8 weeks old. We initially tried to put them with our full grown chickens but the chicken just attacked them. Thus, we created a divider in the...
  15. L

    Chicken Not Able To Walk. Please Help!

    A couple weeks ago my family noticed one of our hens was limping as she ran fast. It wasn't affecting her too much, and because she mostly walks, we didn't think of it too much. Then this morning when I went out to feed the chickens, I noticed one of them was stilling sitting inside. I noticed...
  16. fudgethechicken

    Chicken Shut in Coop Door!

    So one of my teenage chicks was trying to escape the coop as my sister was leaving and got herself shut in the first we thought she had a broken neck and wasn't going to make it but she then was able to move just fine so we threw out that idea. However, there was a lot of blood around...
  17. C

    Strange behavior following splayed foot injury. What should I do?

    I bought three chicks a little over three weeks ago. They've been great together until my Welsummer got splayed foot after slipping in a card board box because I didn't put any wood shavings for traction (rookie mistake). After much reading, I made several hobbles for her (I think the rubber...
  18. Candy11

    Help! My cat injured a chick

    My cat injured a 1 week old chick. Her back has a chunk torn out of it and she's bleeding. What can I do to save her? She's peeping and still alert. Help!
  19. B

    Marking on back of ducklings?

    Hi, we got baby ducklings from tractor supply on Thursday, and it’s Monday now. I assume they are about a week old and maybe less. We noticed there was a red marking on the back of both of them near their tail and they were pecking/itching it. Do all ducks have this? Should we be worried? Thanks
  20. baileeb

    Baby chick wound

    Hello all. As my chicks feathers are coming in ive noticed red, almost bleeding bald spots on their backs near shoulder blades. I believe it’s from other chicks pecking at her back. Should I seperate the perpetrator? Can I put neosporin (not sure if that’s spelt right) on the effected area? This...
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