1. selenaapril

    Eggbound hen? Please help!

    Hi BYC, After researching the symptoms my bantam chicken had, I think she might be eggbound. For a couple of days she’s been waddling around, dragging her tail and she can’t stand up correctly. She uses her wings to stabilize her but she can’t balance. She waddles around for a bit but then stops...
  2. HeatherlyHash

    Rooster Comb Injury

    It started with a little frostbite. We had a bad rain and wind storm on a 60 degree day, and that turned into a 15 degree night. My rooster, Jamie, suffered a bit of frostbite on the tips of his comb. Not a huge deal. Fast forward a week later and the center tip of his comb is bloody and just...
  3. Gooseypoo

    Help! Drooling duck who was attacked unable to swallow

    Yesterday morning I went out to let the ducks (4) and geese (2) out of the barn and found that something had gotten into the duck stall killing one of our female Indian runners and injuring our female khaki Campbell. It was about 2 degrees out so everybody was already cold when I let them out...
  4. purpletiger

    Please Help Treat my little D'uccle! Puncture wound from Hawk!

    Hi everyone! My sweet little D'uccle named LeeLoo was attacked by a red-tailed hawk while i was putting up an extension cord to add a heat to keep the chickens water from freezing. The hawk was no more than five feet away from me when it attacked! I ran the hawk off and was able to save her! I...
  5. J

    Help! My duck has leg issues!

    Hi everyone just signed up to this site because I don’t know what else to do. I bought my girlfriend a pekin duckling and another duckling (mallard colors) back in September. We kept them inside until they got their feathers and now they live in my garage in their coop with fresh bedding on the...
  6. J

    Help! My duck has messed up legs!

    Hi everyone just signed up to this site because I don’t know what else to do. I bought my girlfriend a pekin duckling and another duckling (mallard colors) back in September. We kept them inside until they got their feathers and now they live in my garage in their coop with fresh bedding on the...
  7. Thechickentrainer1999

    Eggbound Hen????

    How do you cure an eggbound hen?
  8. Thechickentrainer1999

    Limping chicken

    Just notice one of my buff orpington hens limping. I went to go check her out and she doesn't have as much energy as normal. I also did not see any cuts or bruises on her feet or leg. What could be wrong? She seemed fine this morning. I thought chickens tried to hide theor injuries and sicknesses?
  9. LemonyCatapult

    Has anyone seen this eye issue before??

    my year old hen is acting completely normal but has this eye issue. Any guesses/ remedies?
  10. P

    Chicken can’t walk, fell off roost during the night and crying on the ground

    Hi everyone, forgive the length of this story. We have a 3 year old Americauna who a few weeks ago woke us up during the night squawking and I found her laying on the ground in the coop. There was nothing obviously wrong with her, no sign of injury, but she couldn’t walk. I soothed her and she...
  11. rabiee

    Rooster killed hen?!?

    I want some opinions on this, I believe one of my roosters, a young Jersey Giant/RIR cross killed one of my hens. This morning when I went to do chores I found her in the coop, neck and head all bloody and she was stiff, so I think it happened last night before I turned their light off. Everyone...
  12. Chickadooo

    Chicken comb torn and bleeding. Beak tip broken and bleeding.

    Chickens comb is partially torn off and bleeding. The top part of her beak tip is broken and bleeding. I just brought the chicken in the garage, cleaned off her comb with a warm wet cloth, applied a mixture of silver gel, anitibiotic ointment, and coconut oil to the comb and the broken beak tip...
  13. Big Red Roosters

    Damaged foot

    How's everyone's Christmas Eve going? All well I hope. Yesterday I was at a family Christmas and didn't get home until late. All I did was fill up waterers when I got home. Today I'm actually out looking at everyone and one of my rooster's feet is deformed and he curls it under while walking...
  14. Hawaii Chicks

    Eye injury

    Hello there! This is my hen, Reginda. I found her by the highway some months ago. Here in the islands we have a pretty big population of feral chickens, but when I saw her I knew she was not a feral hen. She was sleeping on a fence at around 3 feet from the cars. I knew something wasn’t fine...
  15. Matieus27

    Injured eye covered in puss

    I have a baby chick that hatched 2 weeks ago as of tomorrow when it hatched I noticed it had scissor beak and an eye that looked to be pushed out of its socket well I let it be and I noticed this afternoon when I was leaving for work that it is covered in puss I plan on making some saline...
  16. Sweetpotatomama

    Healing an injured neck on Muscovian hen...?

    My 3 year old Muscovian hen duck was attacked by an otter a little over two months ago and it either badly sprained or broke her neck. I took her to the vet and even though she couldn't move her neck at all we decided to try instead of cull. She was stuck on her belly for about a month but is...
  17. DiscoverwithDave

    Guinea Hen limping

    Hi guys, So I am fairly new to BYC, I currently have 3 chickens and 2 Guinea Hens all about 6 months old. It has been a busy time with the holiday week so I have not been paying as much attention to my "back yard" as much as I usually do. Anyway, on Saturday I noticed one of my Guineas sitting...
  18. Thechickentrainer1999

    Head injury

    This morning i went to close my chickens door which is a drop down door that closes like a cassel i guess and soon as i went to push down i noticed one of my chickens put its head out to get a piece of grass i guess and the door landed on her head. It wasnt a lot of force but the door is kind of...
  19. CrazyDuckLady32

    Duck with hook/open chain link injury

    Looking for advice—-went out to coop a few mornings ago and found our hen Pekin duck had cknocked over the water bucket, climbed on it and bitten onto an open link of galvanized chain, essentially skewering up into the tissue below her eye. She was hanging there for who knows how long over...
  20. Liv's chickens

    Injured chicken, can’t stand up, broken wing/leg?

    hello everyone, today I went out to feed the chickens. We just had our first big snow, and for most of the chickens, it will be their first winter. Some of the girls finally came out of the coop today since it’s nicer weather and of course, they get very excited when treats and feed comes...
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