integrating chicks/pullets

  1. PennysHennys

    Chick Coop Success

    This is just a post to share my continued amazement of my chickens! Several weeks ago I noticed one of my Speckled Sussex pullets on the nest during my twice daily egg gathering. Then it hit me, she was going broody! This is my second year with chickens and I had not experienced broodiness...
  2. Henry&Friends

    An Integration Method

    hey guys, I recently bought a dozen chicks and four keets to add to my flock. They were brooded indoors, but as it turns out, food and bedding is much more expensive when I’m the one paying for it, and after 6ish (maybe 8ish) weeks, my family was done with the noise and smell, thus marking the...
  3. Melindasoo

    Help! What to do with one lonely chicken

    i got two baby chicks in September.. they grew up together and bonded.. I also have seven fulled grown hens who all get along.. I was planning on integrating my now 4 month old babies with the rest. I put a small coop next to the big run and they were getting to know one another just fine...
  4. deedledumpling1

    How best to add to my small Flock

    I have 4 hens and one Rooster which I raised from day old chicks from My Pet Chicken last October. I want to add some blue egg layers to my flock, and maybe another Lavender Orpington who is my little Love. I have 2 Easter Eggers who lay pale green eggs so carry the blue gene, and my...
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