1. ABaker787

    Finally Getting My Chickens!

    Hi all! I’ve been begging my husband for chickens for 6 years and he finally relented! I bought a “Chick-Inn” coop and run at Rural King and it’s a bit smaller than I anticipated; it says it’ll house up to three chickens comfortably. I’ll likely extend the run using some scrap lumber and chicken...
  2. Dan nich

    Dan nich

  3. AmieSH

    Moving to Fort Campbell Area

    Hi, my family and I will be moving to the Ft.Campbell area next year and I am determined to finally get chickens! (Downside to living on post, no chickens allowed) This will most likely be our last PCS (yay retirement!) so we are looking for a nice little plot of land on either the KY or TN...
  4. C

    Louisville KY Hawk left me with one hen looking for any breed

    Hi everyone, I'm in Louisville KY and a Hawk got one of my hens (I only have a flock of two!) I'm looking for a started hen. Around a year old would be great, but older is okay too. Please help! Craigslist has been a bust and I don't want to wait for a chick to grow. Willing to drive up to an...
  5. WendyLee17


    Hello all y'all animal people! ~ ~ I NEED TO GET AT LEAST TWO FEMALE DUCKS, ANY AGE & ANY BREED ~ We have 3 male ducks and 2 female ducks. That's the problem, especially, what, with all the duck rape?! This is the second season I have seen my youngest male suffer brutal wounds due to being...
  6. C

    Charlie's Hen

    Hello, I am Val and Charlie is our main rooster and official farm greeter. He is a Salmon Favorelle and knows that he is special. I am his main hen, do all his cleaning, feeding and general coop management. Charlie was one of our first chickens and he has been special from day one. He is not...
  7. WendyLee17

    KY lakes area : Will take in Rescues

    Hey y'all!! I'm in a bit of odd situation -for me at least - and I currently am home caring for a sick and injured husband and am currently unemployed. We have a small flock of both chicken and ducks. If u are near here and have animals needing homes, chicken or female ducks mostly, I wld b...
  8. HenJen24

    6 Ladies in need of a new home

    I am in Louisville Kentucky and I have 6 hens that are in need of a good home 3 Colden Comets and 3 black sex link. 5 are 1.5 years old and 1 is about 5 months old. The older girls are all laying. They are all very friendly and have been raised around dogs. One of the black sex links is a...
  9. Jay Elle Bee

    Hey! Hi! Hello!

    Heya! I'm Jess; I live in Indianapolis; and my mum's doing the backyard farm thing in Falls of Rough, Kentucky. What?? You don't know where that is? No worries! The first time my dad drove me down here, I commented that it's about 20 minutes past all the good "murder you and chop up your body"...
  10. Muncy89

    West Virginia/Eastern Kentucky???

    Looking for people close to me to do future swaps with and whatnot. Right now I have an extra RIR Cockerel (Guessing around 4 months of age) I recently aquired. I bought some birds and got two RIR cockerels and only need to keep one, I would be willing to trade him to any hen/pullet thats a...
  11. WendyLee17

    KY looking for female ducks

    HI! ANYone have a female duck or two for sale or just needing homes? We are in western KY close to TN. Please let us know if so!! We are located near KY LAKE in 42071. THANKS!! :)
  12. WendyLee17

    ISO female duck for lonely boy

    HELLO. we are in far south-western KENTUCKY and in need of at least one more female duck of any kind!! The boys have outnumbered the girls and we have a discontented flock of young Pekins here. ANY near us have any for sale or needing homes?! -- IF you have several needing placed, as long as...
  13. WendyLee17

    New to BYC- Waterfowl Family in Western Kentucky

    Hi. We are Shannon & Wendy J. :) Our kids are either furry or feathered, sometimes both depending on play time that day :D We live south-western Kentucky, near TVA, Kentucky Lakes & Tennessee. We have a small flock of Pekin ducks. :jumpy Our oldest drake, TooShort, dominates our 7 bulldogs...
  14. H

    Two Roos

    I live in Louisville, KY. I have somehow gone from 1 chicken to 8 chickens. We thought we had 7 hens and 1 roo but unbeknownst to us some were misrepresented and we have 3 roos and 5 hens. They are approximately 7-8 months old. They have been mostly good until recently. They have started...
  15. ChessiesCoop

    New Here

    Howdy, My name is Anna. I'm a 25 year old, mom of three, homesteading in Southeast Kentucky. Chickens were probably my "gateway" animal into the homesteading life. I started in 2012 with a handful of "normal" breeds then ventured my way into Svart Honas, Ayam Cemanis, English Lavender...
  16. Our new coop build spring 2018

    Our new coop build spring 2018

    Still in progress. My husband is doing all the building, and I'm doing all the cosmetics. I was very specific on what I wanted/needed as far as function and ease of cleaning, though my husband made a few changes he did keep my requests in his build. One end has a storage space for all their feed...
  17. L

    Looking for Muscovy ducklings either in KY or that will ship

    Hey! Muscovy ducks have a special place in my heart even tho I've never owned them. I am incubating ducklings that are expected to hatch March 16, but didn't have any muscovy in that batch. If anyone knows where I could get some, please let me know so I can raise them at the same time. I've...
  18. TruCrimeAuthor

    Ameraucana, white leghorn, black star hens Bowling Green KY area

    Hey all- trying to find a reliable seller- looking to buy 1-2 of: Ameraucanas, white leghorns, and/or black star hens only. Starting my own small / egg layers. Needs to be 1- 1 1/2 hr. radius of Bowling Green, KY. This is my first chicken buying/egg experience and I have 1 turkey and 1 Guinea as...
  19. A

    Hatching Turkeys at School

    Hi All, I'm teaching Agriculture at a high school, and we want to raise organic-fed turkeys and sell them, butchered, for Thanksgiving. This is my first time raising turkeys, and the problem is this: We have brooder boxes to keep inside the school, made from horse troughs and 50-gallon...
  20. A

    Coturnix quail keeping laws, Louisville KY

    Hi all, I'm planning on getting some coturnix quail but obviously wanted to check the laws in my area before doing so to make sure it's legal. Unfortunately, however, I've not been able to find any specific information on laws concerning the keeping of coturnix quail in particular. I was...
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