laying at night

  1. One_chick_Mama

    Transparent Egg - What caused it?

    My little Dee Dee finally started laying in the nest box and not in the neighbor's yard. She's a good layer and averages 2-3 a day. But this morning I found this in the nest box next to a regular egg. at first glance I thought it was a brown egg. What caused it and how do I fix it? I feed her...
  2. E

    Production Red laying late in day

    My production red chicken started laying 9 days ago. She’s laid 6/9 days since then, but always in the afternoon and sometimes as late as 3-4pm. (She just laid an egg about 45 min ago), yesterday she laid an egg around noon, so it’s much later today. Is this normal for a chicken who just started...
  3. S

    I’m new to raising my girls.

    12:50 pm Good Afternoon Friends, I am new to owning chickens. I’ve had my girls Shannon, Peep and May for approximately 6 months. My girls recently started laying eggs as of Tuesday this week. I have some concerns to this. How do I know the eggs are safe for consumption? I’ve researched this...
  4. Minky

    finding eggs under the roost

    About once every couple of weeks I find an egg under the roost. Does that mean someone was sitting on the roost when she laid an egg??? Also, I had two hens lay eggs in the dark yesterday!!(530 pm and 7 pm!!! but these were in the nest boxes.) I have supplemental lighting from 6 am -9pm. Are...
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