1. Belden4

    Hen under the weather

    Hello Everyone! Yesterday my husband noticed one of my hen's standing in the middle of the run while everyone else moved anxiously. I went right out to check on her because this is very odd behavior from my ladies, She in fact was standing there sleeping. She wouldn't move unless someone ran...
  2. tango


    We found Uncle Sam on the 4th of July just down the road from our house. Someone was obviously not concerned about his well-being and was OK with any fate he got. So we gave him a home with our small flock of only girls (full size!) and he was so happy! Anyway, he was nabbed by a opossum a few...
  3. acechicks

    Silkie Breeder in Michigan?

    I live in West Michigan. I have 2 boys that just finished showing at Muskegon County Fair. This year is their first year in 4H. I am looking for show quality Silkies for my boys to show. I heard of a breeder called Rainbow Silkies. I'm having a hard time finding any information on it. If anyone...
  4. MichiganSilkie

    3 Pet Quality Silkie Hens for Sale in SE Michigan

    ***SALE PENDING*** Looking to add some cute silkie hens to your flock? I have 3 hens for sale (2 white and 1 black). They have always been healthy girls and are laying eggs to the best of my knowledge. I just have too many chickens and need to downsize a bit. These girls are 2.5 years old and...
  5. Candy442

    Michigan Chickenstock 2018 Attendance and Food sign up

    Once again we are pleased to announce that Michigan will be having our annual Chickenstock event. Or for those who like abbreviations, CS18! As usual, the event will be held at Delta Mills Park in Lansing on June 23 from 10:00 to 3:00. The park is located at: 7001 Old River Trail 1-1/2 miles...
  6. LaketownChick

    West Michigan breeders and/or hatcheries

    I’m having trouble finding breeders/hatcheries near me. I’m located in West Michigan. Looking for Cochin Bantam and Maran chicks. I’ve googled like crazy and checked Craigslist. There is a breeder across the state but I’d prefer to drive and pick up myself. TIA!
  7. riversbendhen

    Large Abscess on my Bantam's Breast

    Concerned about this large abscess on our little bantam's breast/neck. Been watching it for a few days and it is rapidly growing. Found a couple of scabs underneath it. It is oblong and hard, Anyone have any advice? She acts fine but it can't be comfortable!
  8. D

    Looking For Peafowl in Kalamazoo MI

    Hello everyone I am looking for a pair of peafowl (1 peacock and and 1 peahen) is anyone near kalamazoo MI selling any? Thanks,
  9. wbow

    Hand Made Incubator Science Project

    My kid and I watched a bunch of online videos and built (more than one incubator). She is doing it for a science fair and then possibly 4H (we are buying a bunch of different Coturnix Quail eggs) So I bought energy efficient which was a waste of money. I bought a bulb that wasn't energy...
  10. jjaazzy

    ISO Fertile eggs for pick up in Michigan/ N Indiana

    Looking to pick up Fertile eggs Wednesday-Friday maybe Early Saturday 2/10/2018 interesting breeds? Tell me what you have. I will be in the Three Rivers area then flying out of GRR back home, want to take some eggs back. NPIP Farms please. Email directly [email protected] Thanks!
  11. 1muttsfan

    Michigan Chickenstock 2018

    Welcome friends, time to start planning for the Michigan Chickenstock, a gathering of like-minded BYC chicken lovers. Chickenstock is held at Delta Mills Park, Lansing (west side) 7001 Old River Trail Saturday June 23, 10 am to 3 pm Bring a dish to pass - there is some excellent food. And is...
  12. Soleil_A

    What is the best breed for me?

    Hello, everyone! I am looking to get another chicken, but I am in the city area. That means I need a chicken that is Quiet. I also need a chicken breed that is a pretty decent Egg Layer, preferably brown eggs. That was my families compromise :rolleyes:. And last but not least, I need them to be...
  13. Soleil_A

    Anyone have any bantams?

    I am looking for one or two couple week old ready-to-go-outside bantam pullets. I live in Detroit, Michigan. (Or to be more specific White Lake.) If you have any, please let me know! Thanks!
  14. szpider

    In search of silkie pullets or hens in SE Michigan or NW Ohio

    Hello everyone! I'm seeking a pair of silkie pullets or hens to add to my flock. I'm located in SE Michigan and would be happy to travel anywhere within maybe an hour driving radius or so to make a pickup. I have a small backyard coop that currently only houses two senior bantam hens (turning...
  15. rbnk1

    Duct Taped Heating pad on roost & Cozy Coop heater

    Hello everyone!:) Just thought I's share about adding heating options to our coop, even though I had decided I wasnt going to have heat. My husband got 'me' a Cozy Coop flat panel heater for a christmas gift. Then temps where we live in mid MI went down to double digit below 0 temps at night...
  16. Functional Rustic

    Introducing Functional Rustic

    Good morning Back Yard Chickens from Functional Rustic on this cold Michigan day. I joined the duck loving community back in May of 2017 when we got our Muscovy ducklings. Not only have I learned a lot about ducks; those quirky creatures inspired me to start my own repurposing business out of...
  17. B

    Michigan Backyard Chickens

    So our family has had chickens for a number of years now, but recently a neighbor was angered by the light of fireworks on the 4th of the year and filed a complaint with the township about our girls. My father had always wanted chickens and after moving to our new house and noticing several...
  18. Royal Red

    New homestead for my beautiful RIR and English OB roosters...

    Hello BYC friends, I need your help. I have been flipping my coop over from Tractor Supply Co. chicks to breeds from the Poultry Conservation List to move a few birds off the threatened list. My last visit in April to TSC I received and raised eight chicks and four of them where roosters. I...
  19. G

    All Greek to me!

    hello! I live in Northern Michigan and just started raising chickens. My first round last July consisted of three Buff Orpingtons (one is a rooster) and four Australorps. This year I found a local breeder and purchased five Icelandics (one is rooster) and two Polish (one rooster). I didn't plan...
  20. BayCityBabe

    Mid-Michigan Red Silkie rooster

    I cannot take in my friends' red silkie rooster. He is about 18 months old and very tame. I am helping find a home. If you are interested in him, for free, let me know. I can also send him with one of his girls for a small fee.
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