1. BayCityBabe

    Returning to BYC

    I was on here about 10 years ago. Got busy with living in the rat race. I am taking a friend's chickens in a sort of emergency situation. It makes me happy to be of help. I am excited to be returning to tending some hens.
  2. rbnk1

    Raising chickens in town

    Hello everyone, I am curious for feedback from others who raise their chickens in town, in village limits, where there is ample car traffic noise, and curiosity from neighbors and their pets or children. We just got six Buff Orpingtons yesterday from Tractor Supply. We will sell 2 when they...
  3. Suzanne Aubin

    Help! Don't want to re-home the girls.

    Help! I live in Eastpointe MI. I think I may have jumped the gun. They recently legalized backyard chicken here in Eastpointe. However, the hoops the city is making you jump through are huge. 1. All adjoining property owners must sign off that it is ok 2. Coop plans must be approved before a...
  4. maya.fh

    Hi from Ann Arbor! & Black soldier fly larvae

    Hey everyone! So excited to have found such a great community of chicken enthusiasts. I currently live in Ann Arbor, MI, and I grow black soldier fly larvae off brewers' grains and then harvest the larvae as a delicious high-protein chicken treat. My parents own a restaurant, and they source...
  5. SassyK

    New from Mt. Pleasant, MI

    Hello, My family first got chickens 3 years ago. My two daughters begged for chickens and the next thing we knew, we were building our first coop. We started with 6 Isa Browns and they have been great laying hens thus far. My girls take an active part in their care taking. We love having...
  6. AnasKBS

    ISO: young Goose in Michigan

    My four-week old Pilgrim goose needs a buddy! Preferably another female, and young. In Mid-Michigan.
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