1. Newfowler1

    Predator ID no pictures here!

    So what does a fox kill typically look like? It must have been interrupted? No other injury beyond a fatal neck puncture. I Lost my best layer the other day. It was very overcast and rather dark out midday. I must have just missed the kill by an hour or two as she was still warm ☹️. She had...
  2. songbirdfarms

    Plz help identify tracks

    We have a creek that runs along our farm; I can’t tell whether these are coon or mink - and they go right up to the coop
  3. M

    Mink Problems

    We have had ducks for about 4 years now and we have finally managed to proof our duck house and the enclosure they live in from raccoons, foxes, hawks, and other various larger predators. In the last few months though, we have had 2 minks get into the enclosure. The first time, the ducks were...
  4. Living With Predators

    Living With Predators

    I'm fortunate to live on an island without a lot of predators: big (bear, fox, coyote, bobcat) or small (skunk, opossum, snakes). We do have transient cougars, but the deer population is quite healthy so there've been no run-ins with farmers or pet owners. We're not without predators: there are...
  5. CanadaEh

    protecting existing fence with hot electric wire from raccoon/mink

    We have raccoon frequenting chicken run at night in search for food scraps (the run doubles as a compost pile). I don't like that proximity of raccoon to chickens (locked in the coop at night, but still) + possibility of decease transmission via food sharing or feces. I recon it is time to spend...
  6. CanadaEh

    will raccoon or mink destroy hoop house coop plastic?

    I am thinking of building hoop house coop with 6mil plastic over 1/2" hardware cloth for the roof and walls. Will raccoon/mink destroy the plastic trying to get to the chickens before they encounter hardware cloth? Anybody with hoop houses for coops and predators - how do you manage them?
  7. D

    Mink Stole

    I thought my run was very secure but there was a small gap between two overlapping hardware wire. No more than an inch by two or perhaps three inches. It was enough to let in a mink. It killed 17 8 week old babies between about 10:30 last night until I woke up around 6 am. I noticed the security...
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