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From aerial to ground predators, chickens often fall prey to many of these. There are many different things that happen from the most obvious to the least. No matter what, it seems like they're always getting into trouble. But we can limit predator attacks if we know how to prevent them. From our Worst Predator poll we got the following Top 10 Chicken Predators:

1. Raccoons
Raccoon proofing your coop and run is important. Raccoons have nimble fingers and are very intelligent animals who can easily open coop windows and doors to gain access. Find out how to protect your chickens from Raccoons here.

2. Hawks
Relentless hawks and how to deal with them is often a big concern for chicken keepers. Hawks have extremely keen eyesight and can often be seen scanning for prey from an elevated perch site. Find out how to protect your chickens from Hawks here.

3. Dogs
Considered as apex predators, which mean they are generally at the top of the food chain, dogs are carnivores who like to eat protein-rich food. They are known to attack roosters, hens, and their chicks leaving only a bloodied mess of feathers. Find out how to protect your chickens from dogs here.

4. Foxes
A fox is an intelligent predator that will not hesitate to go after your chickens for its next meal. Springtime presents the highest number of chicken casualties because it is this time that foxes need to gather more food to sustain their offspring. Find out how to protect your chickens from foxes here.

5. Coyotes
Coyotes are tenacious and opportunistic predators that can easily wreak havoc on your poultry farm. These nocturnal hunters will hunt for food whenever they are hungry or if the opportunity presents itself. Find out how to protect your chickens from Coyotes here.

6. Weasels
Weasels are known to be very cunning. Their cleverness and guile makes them first class predators, and their prey is often no match to their agility. Find out how to protect your chickens from Weasels here.

7. Minks
Male minks run and hunt instead of rearing their young. Minks are vicious predators of chickens and other birds. They are known for their propensity to kill every chicken and bird in an area or pen. Find out how to protect your chickens from Minks here.
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8. Possums
Possums as Chicken Killers can be a problem for flock owners as they prefer hunting at night and may never be seen during the day. Hens often do not survive a possum attack. Find out how to protect your chickens from Possums here.

9. Bobcats
Bobcats are known to hunt any time of the day, but are commonly observed to do so during twilight hours of dawn and dusk or early evenings. Just like cats, low light is not a hindrance since their keen eyes can spot prey at night. Find out how to protect your chickens from Bobcats here.

10. Rats
A rat's predatory prowess centers on it's powerful teeth, which can gnaw at wooden barriers. They are known to eat through chicken wire with their razor sharp teeth. Their relentless gnawing can give them access to livestock and other types of food. Find out ho to protect your chickens from Rats here.

These are the Top 10 Worst Chicken Predators, as voted by the BYC Community on our Worst Predator Poll!

For more discussions on other predators and how to deal with and deter them see the Predators and Pests section of the forum. Which predator is giving you sleepless nights? Let us know in the comments!

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