1. $10 upcycled pallet run and PVC door with neither glue nor metal hinges

    $10 upcycled pallet run and PVC door with neither glue nor metal hinges

    I've learned so much here, I figure its time I share something in case it helps someone else. So FWIW here you go.... I decided to build a run just until winter but being temporary I didn't want to spend money. The small city backyard has a decent slope running diagonally from the back...
  2. A

    Tractor/coop Add hardware cloth to pvc & build for slope

    I need to make a chicken tractor with coop out of something light. We started to do one in wood and it’s too heavy even though small. I’m thinking PVC but wondering how to attach hardware cloth to it. We have eagles and hawks as well as coyotes. Also our property is sloped. Any build hints to...
  3. jiggerboss

    Needing help for watering system

    I have a problem we have been watering with dog dishes and I'm just tired of cleaning them all the time! We have around 40 big water containers that we made coops out of ( pics later). Need help coming up with a design so I don't have to water them everyday! We have 2 birds per container. Would...
  4. T

    Super easy hoop run?

    Looking for plans for a super cheap and easy pvc hoop run that I can stand up in and would have a door. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. D

    Never-before-chicken-mom needs coop advice

    My husband and I got 4 chicks that are still in our brooder. We need to decide on a coop design soon. As a plumber, my hubby thinks he can build anything out of PVC and conduit, and IMHO he is pretty darn ingenious with the stuff. Does anyone have any PVC plans that they could share? Also...
  6. Afrodigh

    DIY Winter-Proof Chicken Waterer?

    I was so proud of the waterer I built from a bucket, PVC, and chicken nipples this summer (similar to this: http://americanpreppersnetwork.com/2012/06/how-to-diy-chicken-nipple-waterers.html)- and then winter weather came:hit. The chicken nipples are downward facing ones and they are freezing...
  7. R

    Oatley pvc primer and cement safe for quail watering system ?

    I recently made a watering system for my quail and I connected the pvc together with Oatley pvc primer and cement. Will the primer and cement hurt the quail at all or make them sick?
  8. mdees88

    DIY No Waste Quail Feeder

    Okay let's call this a minimal waste feeder that can be converted into a zero waste feeder very easily. I purchased a little giant 1 quart feeder from tractor supply. After a short period of use I found two problems with it. It didn't hold enough food and they spilled half of it on the ground...
  9. Tenn Hens

    Made a no waste bucket feeder. Our ducks, chicks and chickens love it.

    What do you think?
  10. hegazi

    Run help

    I am having trouble building our run. We tried pvc but it is too wide and the pvc sagged. We then added 2x4 supports but there was still some sagging. We tried tying the sagging parts to trees but I was not confident in its ability to hold snow, predators, etc. There are trees that I could wrap...
  11. musimgm

    Hi fellow chicken owners

    Born in Morocco, living in the Netherlands, always nuts about animals. Six months ago we moved to a small town, while my girlfriend was looking at the sight and space inside (while inspecting the new house), I was wondering how much living creatures I can fit in the backyardJ Cut to 5 month...
  12. Light Weight PVC Coop

    Light Weight PVC Coop

    Here's a picture of our new PVC tractor (before the wheels)! We really love it because it is very inexpensive to make, yet sturdy, light weight, weather resistant and was really fun to build as a family! The chickens love the fresh grasses, bugs and protection from all the hawks and owls in...
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