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Mar 30, 2017
I am having trouble building our run. We tried pvc but it is too wide and the pvc sagged. We then added 2x4 supports but there was still some sagging. We tried tying the sagging parts to trees but I was not confident in its ability to hold snow, predators, etc. There are trees that I could wrap the fencing around but digging down to bury the fencing is tough because of all the large roots. I have a roughly 22x35 trench dug but can change it if needed. Should I use the trees, bury some posts, build an A frame with thicker pvc, etc? Please throw me some suggestions on how to build it!

Also, I live in southeastern MA and although I had been looking at 1/2" poultry wire I must have ordered the wrong one and now have 1". Are there predators in this area that can get into that? I have fisher cats, fox, and raccoons that I know of.

Thank you in advanced!!


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I like mine---goes up in a few minutes. Add small wire inside if you have small chicks---some wire across the top if you do not have a roof over it. Check your for sale sites for a used one. PVC does not hold up in really cold weather---it will snap as it ages some.



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I see you live in Massachusetts, thanks for adding your location, and Welcome to BYC!

To hold snow you need a substantial structure with a rakable roof.
Don't skimp or mickeymouse it, you don't want to be fixing it in 12-18" of snow, BTDT.
My run roof is 14ga 2x4 mesh, most snow goes thru it, until it doesn't.
I keep a path shoveled in the run to knock snow off mesh when it gets sticky,
and to give the birds some almost snowless ground to wander in the winter.

For anti dig barrier, an apron works much better than burying the wall.
Here are two great examples:

Not sure what you mean by poultry wire...the hexagonal approx. 23 gauge wire stuff?
If so, it's not predator proof.

Some pics might help.

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