1. M

    Reintroducing Goslings to Parents

    Our brown Chinese goose hatched out four goslings just over two weeks ago. We ended up setting them up in a brooder inside our house because we had freezing temperatures, and they were staying in the chicken coop with too curious hens. We want to reintroduce the goslings to their parents. Is...
  2. H

    Help! Failed Re-Integration into Flock, Hen Badly Hurt!

    Ok, so if anyone read my previous post a few months back one of my Leghorn hens wasn't feeling too well and I asked for advice and took her to the vet. She recuperated and was in better health at last and then came the real challenge: reintroducing her into the flock. It's been a back and...
  3. jordana

    Switching chickens!

    After some brutal pecking that led to surgery, and now a month of isolation for treatment for one of my cream legbar girls I have decided to get rid of my three bully chickens (RIRXAustralorp) from my flock, however I’m keen to maintain the same sized flock. Aside from the bullies I have 2...
  4. GracieJ

    Reintroducing rabbit to outdoors

    My rabbits are all free-roaming. Five live outside - they have hutches/sheds for shelter as well as their own burrows they carved out themselves. Five live indoors and occasionally go out but they aren’t fussy. BlackBerry was an outdoor rabbit until We had to bring her in and keep her in a...
  5. Danadoo6

    Help, how to reintroduce one chicken to remaining “flock” of one after injury?

    Last Friday I returned home to a decimated flock. 7 Hens at 11mos old, 6 of whom were gone, only a few feathers here and there. One was healthy, as when the attack happened she was in the coop, laying. As I called for them one other lone survivor hobbled out of the woods. She was injured in...
  6. Mrs Ugh

    Chicken Recovering from Dog Attack

    Yesterday morning, my newly-laying Isa Brown decided to fly out of their run and into my dogs' run. I came out to find her laying on her back with two dogs surrounding her. I thought she must be dead, but she was breathing when I got there! I picked her up and checked her out. A ton of feathers...
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