Help, how to reintroduce one chicken to remaining “flock” of one after injury?


May 21, 2017
Western MA
My Coop
My Coop
Last Friday I returned home to a decimated flock. 7 Hens at 11mos old, 6 of whom were gone, only a few feathers here and there. One was healthy, as when the attack happened she was in the coop, laying. As I called for them one other lone survivor hobbled out of the woods. She was injured in several places, so we set her up in our brooder indoors and took care of the wounds. She has been healing well, and has laid an egg every day for 4 days. She’s getting restless and lonely and would be glad to get back to the coop. The one remaining chicken has been confined to the run and coop since the attack. Space is ample, since we had 8 Girls to start with. Today I put my injured girl into the run in a puppy crate so they could “talk”. I am wondering how long to wait to let her loose out there, or when to return her to the roost at night. I am worried about her being picked on by her flockmate of one, and also about the cold temperatures (30 or colder at night for the next several days) since she is still missing some feathers on her underside. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Posting a pic of her the day she was attacked. The
injuries are hidden by feathers covering them.
You are doing everything just right. During the day time, I would let them out together with supervision, just to watch how much pecking there is. They may be fine since they are both probably looking for a flockmate, but if there is a little pecking, that is normal. She will probably let you know when to roost, and if your roosts are very high, you can lower it if needed. If she has red wounds, you may want to use a little BluKote to cover the red. Sorry for your loss.

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