1. K

    Hen suddenly has a deep voice?

    Hello my 1 year old hen has suddenly recently got a hoarser deeper voice than usual. She is eating and drinking normally and is digging around normally too. I did feed them fish skin today but I’m wondering if she swallowed it whole to stop the others getting to it. If it is the fish skin, will...
  2. rb1017

    rattling in chest

    I hear heavy rattling in my hen's lungs. She sounds like she has a bad cold and breathes through her mouth. The vet prescribed trimethoprim, an antibiotic that is used to treat Pneumocystis Pneumonia, among other things. She's been on it for a week with NO improvement. I know I'M SUPPOSED TO...
  3. Miriah132

    Disinfecting after disease.

    what is everyone’s perfected method of disinfecting after a diseas outbreak? Specifically with an unknown resoiratory disease. We have no birds left from the flock and want to start a new flock. We are just going to bring in a few birds to a temporary coop and see how they do.
  4. JBirdy

    Rooster 'throwing up' mucus, head shaking - help!

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with similar symptoms in their chickens. My rooster has been throwing up mucus/head shaking once or twice daily. The mucus is clear (no blood) In addition, some of my hens are shaking their heads, as well, with the occasional sneeze. I've...
  5. castrbl

    sneezing hen

    my hen has been sneezing all day and occasionally scratching at her head. shes acting fine other than that, eating well, running around but last night she had been waking up scratching her head but that was it and its normal for her to wake up and move around. nothing too concerning but i was...
  6. My1stChickens

    Combining hens & new pullets-- who did not have a perfect quarantine

    Background: I have six hens that are 4 years old or older, established flock. Recently I bought six pullets, approx. 6 months old. They are about the same size as the grown hens. I put the six new girls in a chicken tractor for quarantine. Within a few days, one was showing respiratory...
  7. k2panman

    Black hard lesions all over pullet’s head

    We have Henski, a 5 month old Gold Laced Polish pullet that has a cough, has shook her head and slung snot, and has black, hard crusty growths on her waffles and around her eyes. She was walking around with her mouth open. She is part of our daytime free range flock (they have a luxury suite...
  8. NicoleWinkels

    Wheezing duck with runny nose.

    My 12 week old indian runner started sounding wheezy yesterday and shes been having a runny nose today. I brought her inside and her nares are clear. She almost sounds like my kids when they have the croup. I let her have a good bath and get dried off, and I gave her some acv in water. Anything...
  9. jduke

    Duck Respiratory Help

    So the dog bite is doing better but a new development came up tonight and I'm not sure what to do. One of the ducks is making a raspy breathing sound, almost like when you're congested with drainage. She was completely fine this morning and this evening her eyes were watery and she's making...
  10. Sweetpotatomama

    4 Month Old Muscovy Drakes Wheezing

    Hi :) I have two 4 Month old Muscovy Drakes that are making a wheezing sound. I have an adult male and it's not the same chuffing sound he makes at all, it's kind of a cross between that and a squeaky toy. It was only one male I was noticing it in at first but now after two days the other one is...
  11. NicoleWinkels

    "Quiet" 2 month old indian runner

    Hey all! I'm new to raising ducks and we got our ducklings at 4 weeks old and they are now around 10 weeks old. 3 of them make a definite "quack" sound now, but the biggest one of the bunch (I'm suspecting it's a drake) is very very quiet. He still makes duckling chirping noises and doesn't have...
  12. Abbkayx

    Respiratory or gapeworm? HELP!

    Hi! I have had two chickens start doing this (see video)... I haven’t noticed any other symptoms, just this. With weather changes I’m thinking it could be respiratory, or is it gapeworm? Should I treat for both just to be cautious? Thanks in advance!
  13. louiseschwieker

    Chicken eye stuck shut?

    I have a hen who is about 3 years old, her eye is stuck shut and it would take a lot for me to get it open. Her other eye is fine. She's very weak but she is eating and drinking. She is also walking around and scratching. What could this be? I've been injecting 1/4 cc of tylan intramuscularly...
  14. Abigail96

    Hen with stress induced cold

    Hello! Sorry if this is a little lengthy, I just want to include as many helpful details as I can, thank you! So after bringing my first ever hens home, I noticed one of them was coughing/sneezing a little. I decided to leave her with the flock overnight to not add anymore stress that day, and...
  15. Lleal90

    Tylan 200

    hello, I have been battling some sort of infection with one of my ducks since August. She has an eye infection (her one eye has been very weepy and stained down) which I believe may be linked to a respiratory infection which her body has been fighting off. I was recommended Tylan 50, however...
  16. Kalifornsky

    Sick Emu Cured

    I recently had a sick emu, Kali, but through intervention his symptoms have cleared and he's happy again. I decided to share the details for posterity, in case anyone else has a sick emu with similar symptoms and needed a point of reference. Symptoms: He's always been a very small/skinny bird...
  17. A

    Antibiotic to Mix in Water?

    So i have over 400 rare breed chickens and a respiratory illness has begun to spread with the purchase of what i didnt realize were sick birds. I have tried tylan 50 fed directly to the chickens twice daily and the dosage changes based on size but as it spreads i am unable to keep up with...
  18. Jordan01

    Hen sneezing, Respiratory issues?

    Ive notived my young adult hen has been sneezing recently, she also has a runny nose and i can hear her congestion (almost like a gurgle or clicking) when i put my head near her throat. I have two hens and shes the smaller one, she also has a small bald spot on her neck i assume from the other...
  19. H

    Drooling Chicken?

    Hi everyone, Ive had this chicken for about a month, shes around 3 years old and an isa brown. When I first got her I noticed she was shaking her head a lot. As time has passed things have gotten worse. Shes been drooling excess saliva for around a week now, usually clear/foamy. Today it was...
  20. nestleaver1

    Canker metronidazole/ronidazole?

    Hi All! I'm hoping someone can offer canker expertise/experience. My 3 year old Black Rock chicken (Marilyn) has been shaking her head and making strange gurgles in her throat for months now. The problem has come and gone several times as I have tried various things. I treated for canker...
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