1. Kimmyh51

    Respiratory symptoms video attached anyone had ducklings/chicks like this?

    Video (please ensure sound is up) Sorry you can’t see much,it would have disturbed them to shine a torch on them to light up the ducklings more (my lights are on inside but their container is in shadows) but to be isnt there isn’t much to see, it’s what you can hear. The duckling is in the...
  2. T

    Chicken "colds"

    We recently bought 2 new hens (both approximately 5 months old) from a reputable dealer from whom we've bought birds before. On the way home though, both birds were sneezing. I have kept them quarantined from my flock for over a week and the sneezing is much better. I've been treating with apple...
  3. dmvelez

    Unknown Respiratory Infection - aftermath questions

    Our flock contracted a respiratory illness. They all got sick, to varying degrees ranging from yellow snot flying everywhere and barely able to breath with TONS of rattling in the chest, to just a few sneezes and some lethargy. I suspect the two who showed the mildest symptoms had perhaps been...
  4. GLoucesterChick

    Concerned Silkie labored breathing

    Hi Chicken Mamas and Dadddys, A newer chickn mama here...I'm hoping for some guidance... Have a a group of 7 week old chickens all different breeds. The Silkie (Lucile) has labored breathing at night. Sneezes a lot too. She has always been more sneezy and I wasn't initially concerned, until I...
  5. JessicaJR

    Spreading respiratory/sinus/eye infection in flock - testing versus culling

    I'm a backyard breeder with about 3-4 years experience with chickens. I have over 25 years of experience with other livestock and pets, so I'm not a newbie. But I am at a loss... Background: I had about 25 adult birds in 4 coops/pens. No significant issues in the past year or so. I do...
  6. Ashleegilbert

    Flock with CRD

    My flock has been showing symptoms for a while now, I’ve tried all the natural remedies I could find (ACV, Garlic) as well as vetrx in their water. It seems to help for a day, then it’s back to normal. Symptoms include sneezing, open mouth breathing, bubbly eyes, deaths in a few, gurgling...
  7. jonalisa

    Respiratory honking

    My 7 year old Buckeye had developed a honking respiratory sound a few weeks ago. First it was a couple times a week, but now it's all the time. Tried dabbing VetRX on her nostrils, etc and also on the rest of the flock. I tried giving her coconut oil in case something was stuck. I sprayed down...
  8. WildCHILD400

    Should my chicken be euthanized?

    I have this 3 month old French Black Copper MaranI got from an auction. I have had him about 11 days. For 5 days it was treated with corid water for cocciadstat and for parasites. The first 3 days he wouldn't eat or drink but I force watered him with an eyedropper. He is now eating and drinking...
  9. CPT

    Rooster wheezing

    Hello! It seems like the last few days I've noticed that my rooster's crow seems to get lower and lower in tone, like he was losing his voice. Then I checked on him today, and he is wheezing. His crow now has a very high pitch to it. His crown has a large scab on it when he was fighting...
  10. MasterOfAllChickens111

    Raddling Breathing. Acts normal.

    Hello, again. I was on here before with the same chicken about 2 days ago. Her symptoms of her last problems has went away. Now, she has developed a raddling when she is breathing. It doesn’t always do it but it stil concerns me. The last symptoms about 2 days ago were large vent area, tiny...
  11. R3M1X

    I fear a couple things are going on.

    So this morning, I received my batch of day-old chicks through the mail (I wish it were possible to physically get them from the hatchery because I dislike putting the babies through that stress). They all seemed good and chipper with no signs of immediate issue. I gave them food and water as...
  12. tacothechicken

    Broodys chicks developed chest crackle

    Hey guys! So I let two of my girls hatch a total of 7 chicks a week back. Since then we've had either muggy weather rainfall or the rare sunny 75°F day. They lost one chick two days ago I the night to what I originally expected was chill( there was a rainstorm.) But today I took a chick to clear...
  13. LemonyCatapult

    How to treat mould/fungus in nostrils

    a couple of my hens have developed black nostrils and are sneezing. I’m assuming it is mould due to dust or moisture. I’m renovating the coop and will definitely be taking this into consideration. In the meantime, how do I treat this? I have antibiotics from the vet that I got when my rooster...
  14. winstonperchhill2009

    Many Chickens Sneezing (& sometimes coughing)...Please HELP!!!

    Some background info: So, ever since I did a deep clean of my coop last fall, I have noticed the chickens in my big coop sneeze. Not everybody sneezes, but it seems like they are taking turns sneezing. I had a BSL hen that I wound up culling because her eyes and nostrils became bubbly. My coop...
  15. Khalpers

    Broken shell in vent, vet visit, antibiotics, etc.

    This morning, there was a shell-less (and rather scrambled) egg under the roost. I figured out the culprit was my Ameraucauna, Henrietta, pretty quickly because she had a piece of egg stuck to her vent. She's two years old, a reliable egg layer, very docile good girl. I got her in a shallow tub...
  16. awyman

    Duck Wheezing?

    I have a 6 week old duckling that sleeps and wheezes? Like it sounds like a long quack. It’s only when she sleeps. Is this normal? I have some poultry medication I can rub on her nostrils. Any advice or help?
  17. D

    Advice Needed - 5 week old Pekin with respiratory issues.

    Hi everyone! This is my first thread, I hope I’m doing it correctly. I have a 5 week old Pekin named Peep who seems to have some respiratory issues. Her breathing has been kind of stuffy sounding over the last week and a few days ago her eyes started getting crusty. I looked in her nostrils...
  18. Carolrich

    Hen humming on breath in and breath out

    Hello everyone! Ruby, our 1 year old Golden Wyandotte hen started making this sound two days ago very occaisionally. I didin't think too much about it because it stopped. I was unable to spend time with the girls yesterday but my husband did not remark on anything unusual. Today she is doing it...
  19. Fiver5r

    What is wrong with this poor silkie?

    This poor thing just came into the ER where I work. The owner doesn’t have much information to offer and isn’t sure how long the bird has been sick. It does have red mites and it’s respirations sound wet and gurgley. Periodically, it stretches its neck and gasps. It’s left eye is almost...
  20. GoldiLaced


    My chick is lying flat with nasally breathing and gasping and I think spasms. She had a seizure. Obvious respiratory. Another seizure. Previous post for more details. She stopped gasping after second seizure. help please, i think she had a third
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