1. CockaDoodleDoo37

    Hen or Rooster: Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, Turken, Rhode Island red

    I suspect that my blue laced red Wyandotte is perhaps a rooster. It always seemed more adventurous and confrontational than my other two chicks with thicker legs and now it’s developing more of a comb but I’m not sure if this is just due to the breed. I’m a newbie to raising and caring for...
  2. C

    Roo or hen

    We got sold 4 hens but this one is twice the size of the others and has slightly different crest to the others. Also a similar age to the rest in there. P.S-we dont normally have the plastic over when it's a nice day but it's been miserable the last few days and they dont like the rain! Thanks...
  3. abmurry914

    In denial

    Hi everyone! We got this Easter egger from a local feed store and it was supposed to be a hen, but my husband and I are convinced it is most definitely a rooster based on its comb. Can you help?
  4. Lizzy2825


    So I ordered all females and I noticed this on Wendy Darling today. I’m guessing she/he is a silver laced Wyandotte (she was a “surprise” pick when ordered online). Is she a he? Two weeks old.
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