1. C

    19 week old pullet straining

    Hello, I have 9 pullets and 2 cockerels. All are 19 weeks old today. No eggs from anyone yet. However, I noticed today that one of my leghorns acts as if she is trying to lay an egg. But nothing is coming out. Her bottom is clean and her abdomen feels the same as my other chickens. She is eating...
  2. Diveks

    Chick screaming when pooping

    So i have this chick that is about 3 days now, she is struggling to poop and the shrieking makes me feel so bad. She will squat for about 10 seconds shrieking. When i look at her from behind she is always pushing. She barely gets anything out, i helped get 3 little, what looks like undigested...
  3. S

    Turkey screaming and itching?!

    Hi, I’m new to backyard chickens! my turkey poult (almost 3 weeks old) is the only turkey amongst ducklings and chicks. He was doing fine and was very active and happy until earlier today when he started screaming constantly and running around everywhere only stopping to itch his neck or stab...
  4. C

    Hen wont stop screaming

    One of my 20 week old hens has been screaming all day today, she also has her beak open and her toung out. As of date this has not been a behavior she has done. I belive she is one of my hens that are laying. And i did get my daily normal amout of eggs. I checked her for injury and dont see...
  5. What you need to know before you get your parrot.

    What you need to know before you get your parrot.

    To start, I love parrots. I am from Australia, the land of parrots and have grown up seeing wild cockatoos and lorikeets. I now have parrots of my own, all natives; cockatiels, a budgie, princess parrots, a bourke's parrot and currently three crazy galahs I'm fostering. I love having them and...
  6. Quailobsessed

    Parrots can make amazing pets. But should they even be pets?

    Before I start, please understand I do not want to cause debates. I am not poking fingers at people or trying to make parrot owners feel bad for keeping parrots (I am a parrot owner myself). I want people to share their opinions kindly as I feel the parrot community is divided enough and doesn't...
  7. J

    Runner ducks SCREAMING!

    We've got runner ducks. Raised from eggs. They're now about 3 months old. 5 ducks, 4 drakes (drakes are going soon, but my partner can't bear to part with them yet.) They are still in a temporary enclosure on porch while we finish off their proper coop and run. It's about 8'x3'. It's definitely...
  8. Quailberries

    Chick peeping loudly, help!

    My new SLW chick is sooo loud! She’s 2-3 days old now and has an Australorp friend who is near inaudible compared to her. On the first night we had them I decided to put in an old sweatshirt that they could cuddle up against, and that’s been working pretty well for the time being. They sleep in...
  9. LotteMay

    Screaming Chicken

    HELP!!!! I have 6 chickens and 1 screams very loud. The screaming can start from 5am. I never let them out at that time as it's still dark. So I give them their breakfast, 20 mins later it starts again. It's driving me crazy, and I don't know what to do!!!
  10. H

    Hen screaming

    i am new to the hen world. 1 or more(we aren’t sure) recently started laying about 2 weeks ago. And we recently went on vacation for 5 days. We usually let them out everyday free range for a few hours but while we were away they stayed in the pen. Now we are only getting 1 egg a day where as...
  11. L

    Screaming Rhode Island Red

    Hi, I have an 8 months old RIR and she started screaming at 6 months old after we had to get rid of our rooster. We ignored it for secerval months thinking it was phase and now its getting worse. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks
  12. plexiglass

    Voice change and excessive fluffing of feathers

    My 6-year-old sex link hen looks to be the same weight and she is not missing feathers. We have recently lost her flock mates so she is alone for the time being (I am working on getting her a friend ASAP). I recently noticed that she will occasionally let out what sounds like a scream in a voice...
  13. Jamalt1

    Buff suddenly screaming

    One of our Buff Orpingtons has started screaming throughout the day. It has been going on for a week. She is walking around the run, not acting broody by staying in a nesting box. Every few minutes she will just give out one loud yell. We have ten chickens and none has acted like this before...
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