May 1, 2020
One of my 20 week old hens has been screaming all day today, she also has her beak open and her toung out. As of date this has not been a behavior she has done. I belive she is one of my hens that are laying. And i did get my daily normal amout of eggs. I checked her for injury and dont see anything out of sorts. She does stop screaming if I am sitting outside with her but as soon as I go back in the house she starts to scream again. It was hot and humid today but she had plenty of water (with ice in it) frozen berries, as well as her regular food, oyster shells, and grit that is always offered. She also has plenty of shady area to keep cool. I live in close proximity to neighbors so i hope this isnt jusr a new behavior. Any idea what could be causing her to act like this?


Apr 13, 2020
The Netherlands
One of my pullets screams too, she is very talkative and you can have whole 'conversations' with her 😂 sometimes they are just chatty. Is it hot where you live? Maybe that's why she is panting.

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