1. Launchpad

    Sex of two Pekin ducks

    So this will be my first post, and I guess the best way to start is to show the two Pekin my wife and I bought from tractor supply 4 1/2 weeks ago. This should leave their age at almost 7 weeks, I think. We bought them in preparation for the house with a few acres and a large pond with a small...
  2. A

    Male or female? Unknown duck breed.

    I am unsure if my duck is a male or female. Third time asking for a female duck and i’m pretty sure they’ve given me male again. What do you think?
  3. A

    Is my Khaki Campbell actually female?

    So i’ve always had chickens but am new to being a duck mum. I asked for two female khaki campbell’s at my local farm and co produce store. I took the two (adult) ducks home and soon realised one had a distinctly raspier and quieter quack, had a green head, and a very prominent tail curl. I...
  4. Cannon Coop

    Red Pyle OEGB gender

    I was told it was probably a hen. I swear in the past two days the comb has grown more. Just want to post updated pictures to receive feedback!
  5. jillmost80

    White Chinese gosling question

    I am fairly smart avian wise. But since I have never had this breed prior and not really caring if it’s a gander or goose I wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts on little Doc here. 7 weeks now and the knob is not very big but I have no knowledge on growth of gosling in this breed. I know the...
  6. L

    Silkie X polish cross 6 weeks old

    Gender guesses for this sweet baby? It’s the first and only chick I’ve ever hatched! Thrilled baby is 6 weeks old and doing great. Any guesses on cockerel or pullet? I had no problem determining my polish genders.. the silkies were very hard. Now that this cross is completely new to me, I...
  7. gailbelanger

    Chick ID and sex

    I have 2 chicks that I don't know what breed they are. Maybe someone can recognize them. The first is a bird I found interesting so I got her. At a day old she already had wing feathers. She's tiny, her head and body are a different shape and she stands up tall to look around. She has light...
  8. Tom_Luthor

    Cockerels or Hens and Breed?

    Hello Yolks, a coworker bestowed upon me 7, 1 week old chicks that he raised from a random assortment of eggs, which as of the 7-8 week old mark, I'm starting to get worried about the amount of cockerels I may have, and also curious the breed of each. Any and all help would would be appreciated...
  9. OrlandoMama

    Roo turken?

    Hi! I’m pretty sure this is a roo because of the comb size and colors compared to my other girls but I wanted to ask for a second opinion. Any thoughts? This is my first batch of turkens. Also long shot but any ideas with the silkie? *the cage is temporary, currently deep cleaning the brooder*
  10. slmwatts

    When can you tell feather pattern and sex?

    Hi all! I hatched 29 chicks 10 days ago. I got the eggs from a friend who has EE, prairie bluebells, starlights greens, OE, & WTB, with EE and WTB Roos. I realize these breeds mean pretty random coloring. Any way to predict what the mature bird will look like based on 10 day old feathers? Also...
  11. luckycluk

    Pullet or roo?

    I noticed one of my chicks that are 2 weeks old looks like it is getting a comb . This is my first Time with chicks. When I got them I was told they were all pullets This is the only one developing one. Can anyone tell at this age? I wouldn’t mind a rooster I was wanting one. I have a mixer...
  12. S

    Sexing 7 week old Easter Egger Bantams

    Hi all - new to Easter Eggers (edit: NOT Amereucanas) and wondering if any of these are looking one way or another on their gender yet. Thanks for any input!
  13. KimTatum03


    Which ones do you think are drakes?
  14. A

    Can you help me sex this beauty? Giant Cochin

    Hi there! Can you help me sex this beauty! I think its a pullet based off of behaviors but I’m second guessing their feathers, any help is welcomed.
  15. M

    What gender is this bird?

    Hi all, We’re really torn with this bird we originally thought it was a Pullet but now we’re convinced it’s a Cockeral can you help?
  16. 0kcupid

    Sexing D'Uccle Bantams (Mille Fleur and Porcelain)

    Hi everyone! I have 4 SR bantam d'uccles from Ideal that are now ~3 weeks old. I know it's still early (I'll keep posting weekly, as week-by-week threads from others have been SO helpful/interesting), but I'd love to start getting some input on what sexual traits my chickies may be exhibiting...
  17. J

    Plymouth Rock - 11 weeks old, what gender?

    This beauty is 11 weeks old. She is much larger than the other chickens (different breeds though) and has been since a baby. No crowing, and very gentle. I really hope she's a girl, what do you think?
  18. Joyfillednomads

    If California grey can produce sex-linked, why not go further & make autosexing breed?

    Not sure why the additional work was not done, they'd gone this far... to just make an auto sexing breed like the cream legals, etc. Someone posted this about a decade ago, " California gray is a breed that is based on the Barred Plymouth Rock X Leghorn It is then crossed back on Leghorn to...
  19. Stauffer0526

    Silkie help

    I have 2 silkies and a satin, hatch date was 11/2/21, so they are currently 2 months old. Any help on sex would be greatly appreciated. I know silkies are tougher than most breeds. Thanks! Reposting because I was having trouble with posting pictures in my original. Trying to determine sex on my...
  20. chickennuggt

    Mâle or Female ?

    Can someone help me identify gender ? I am thinking he(?) Is a male, but not sure. 4 months and 1 week old black Australorp chicken
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