1. MS_pond

    Sexing almost-five-week-old muscovies

    Hi, would any of you muscovites like to take a stab at sexing my almost-five-week-old muscovies? There are eight, numbered in this video here. #2 and #4 (Mohawk and Tiny, lol) are smaller, while the rest are about the same size. Interestingly, the very biggest one (#5) is farthest along in...
  2. MamaHenSA

    Any guesses on the sex of my Silver Laced Wyandotte? Age 11 weeks

  3. K

    7 week silkie

    Hey there, We just picked up a 7 week old silkie. I am aware of the breeds propensity for hiding their gender until the last possible moment. However, I am worried our little one is showing roo tendencies (loud, standing tall, seems to have streaking top feathers) and we cannot have Roos here...
  4. A

    3 month old Ayam Cemanis

    Trying to figure out the sex of our 3 month old ayam cemanis. Thinking one or both could be roosters. Any thoughts?
  5. the phneeb

    Rouen Beak Sexing

    I know some breeds of ducks can be sexed for a short period after birth because males and females get different beak colors. I have some rouens hatching in some time and I was wondering if rouens have that quirk too? It would make my life a lot easier lol
  6. G

    Chick Sex? Silkie Roo Father.

    I have more pictures of my three-day-old Orzo! (Hatched 7 am 11/7) I am still pretty confident the mom is my late BR, Primavera, but it could also be half EE like my other hens. (The coloring would make more sense if that is the case) I know that at this point it is pretty much a waiting game...
  7. M

    Cockerel or Pullet

    Hi all, I have a young roughly 16 week old blue Australorp, I’m having difficulty determining the sex of it. Any help would be appreciated
  8. S

    Cochin pullet or cockerels help please

    I have two 9 week old cochins and am new to the breed. I bought them as day old unsexed chicks. The white one I think is a cockerel but the buff one I am not sure on, any ideas? Thanks
  9. I

    Mixed breeds- hens or roos - 6 weeks

    Hi, I suspect I already know but looking for reassurance before I rehome or otherwise as cannot keep roos. All 6 weeks in photos Hens or roos please - I think 4 roos and 1 maybe pullet My guesses Buff sussex - roo (guessed by day 2!) mauve orpington - roo Splash mauve orpington (blk/white...
  10. A

    Greenfire Farms Black Copper Marans

    I hatched out these two BCM chicks- do I have two cockerels here or one of each? They’re 3 weeks old. Can take more pictures. The one with the slightly bigger comb has some brown coming through on the wings.
  11. C

    3 month old Silkies, hen or roo?

    Silkies are about 3 months old, no crowing yet. Looking at the buff & white silkies. White one was really difficult to get photos of. Hens or roo?
  12. C

    Lavender Easter Egger Sex?

    Bought this “sexed” Easter Egger but she started crowing. Is she actually a he or is she just crowing because she’s confused and there isn’t rooster?
  13. I

    Pullet or Roo Ameraucana?

    We've got restrictions on roos + are concerned our 9 week old Ameraucana could very well be one. Anyone want to weigh in? He/she just started crowing a bit, but I've heard that could be true of a hen, as he/she is the dominant chick in the bunch.
  14. TaylorGlade

    Cluck or cockle doodle doo?

    This is Bonsai - an Australorp hatched on March 30. Same size as our other Australorp pullet and much smaller than the 8 cockerels we just rehomed that were from the same batch.
  15. G

    Sex of this Black Australorp?

    This bird is about sic months old, and we are still not certain of its sex. The wattles and combs just appeared in the last two months. Our younger pullets have larger combs and wattles. No crowing. No tidbitting. But we are getting six eggs a day, and on average, 4 of them are fertilized,or...
  16. S

    Cockrel or pullet?

  17. RonWeasley

    What is this thing? (11 week old cochin)

    Some backstory. We ordered 5 unsexed cochins from a hatchery, along with some other birds. As of this post, they are 11 weeks old. We thought we were able to vent sex this brown one as a male, but we have doubts. We're not experienced with vent sexing, so don't fully trust our judgement with it...
  18. Indigopearl

    Anyone want to play guess that chick?

    I have 4 chicks that are 2w 2d old from what I believe to be a cream legbar roo and for sure buff orpington hen. I do know there's no real way to tell at this point but I enjoy guessing and since these are my first chicks ever, thought I'd enlist some more experienced guessers to play along! My...
  19. J

    Light Brahma hen or roo?

    Bought this light Brahma about 9 weeks ago as a pullet but these tail feathers are making me nervous! What do you think, hen or roo?🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
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