1. K

    Is this a Rooster?

    Is this a Rooster? I cannot come up with a straight answer. Lol it’s Brahma I believe.
  2. H

    Speckled Sussex - roo?

    Hello friends! I have two 6-week old SS and I know it’s early, but if anyone has a screaming answer for me I’m dying to know if my SS “Rosemary” is actually a “Roger.” Her comb is much bigger and more pink than her sister. However, I have read that this breed typically has large red combs in...
  3. SalomeJooste

    Mascovy ducks

    Hi. I have 9 week old Moscovy ducklings. My quotation is how do you determine the sex of them? Is it possible at this age?
  4. N

    ~6 week old khaki Campbell ducklings: PLEASE HELP ME SEX THEM

    Hello! I’m sure this is asked a lot, buuuut, I adopted 2 khaki Campbell ducklings about a month ago, they are about 6 weeks old now. One has sprouted up super quickly and started “quacking” and growing feathers about 3 weeks ago, while the other still just peeps and started growing their...
  5. HiddlesKenway

    Pullet or Cockerel - Purebred Silkie

    Four week old silkie chick with a vaulted skull. What do you think it is? I know it may be extremely early but I know some experts may be able to tell gender at this young of an age.
  6. HiddlesKenway

    Pullet or Cockerel? Silkie x

    What gender do you think my little Mocha is? 15 - 16 weeks old roughly. They’re a Silkie x unknown. Originally thought cockerel due to behaviour but in the last two weeks I’ve been thinking pullet but I’m not well versed in sexing chickens. My white leghorn cockerel and pullet were easy!
  7. B

    Roo or Pullet?

    Hi, I have a Plymouth rock chicken. I thinks he’s a rooster but he’s not crowing like the others and he’s much calmer and is never involved in any of the pecking. I know some hens of this breed have combs and wattles so I’m unsure. What do you think?
  8. B

    Help with chicken breed and sex!

    Hi, Have what I think are 3 boys - grey, black and white and two girls - white and brown. Have no idea on breeds, and would like to know if my assumptions on the genders are correct! What I think is a rooster (the black one with white bits - doesn’t crow like the other two and is VERY calm so...
  9. Nstamilla

    Rhode Island Red over White Leghorn

    I have four chicks from this cross and I’m worried three are roosters, can anyone confirm by this image or is it too early to tell? They are very flighty too but often rush at each other. Any ideas? They are about 20 days old.
  10. H

    8 month old EE not laying/aggressive

    I have two EE who are 8 months old. Neither are laying and they are my most aggressive two. The lighter one will act like she's going to attach me when I pick up the other ladies. The brown one will go after our Jersey Giant and peck grab her feathers on the back of her neck and both run and...
  11. KiwiChickenGirl2020

    Do you think the 6 week old white and buff chicks are male?

    Does anyone have any idea if any of these chicks are girls? I think that the Sussex ( I think that it might be a cross though because it's legs turned grey) might be male. It has red wattles but a tiny tail. They are all six weeks old today. ...
  12. Virginia and James

    Auto sexed Spitzhauben? Teach us...

    Hello all! Below is a picture of our 15 week old Spitzhauben “Cayenne Pepper”. Dad is a gold Spitzhauben. Mom is a silver Spitzhauben. we have read that offspring of this color combination produces a sex linked chick. Judging by the color, hes gold like dad, but he’s (?) not showing much in...
  13. J

    Thoughts on my 8 week old Japanese Bantam?

    My little jap bantams are 8 weeks old. The black one has a slightly larger comb than the other two I have (not pictured) but it's not bright red and no waddle development. Is this a female or a late developing male? Photo of its "brother" hatched hours apart, same breed and quite obviously a...
  14. T

    How can we tell a button quail's sex it it is fully white?

  15. D

    Help identifying breeds?

    So my sister and I bought three new chickens from some people nearby today. They had a LOT of different chickens and breeds in their small barn (really a shed), and couldn't really tell us what was what. We know that one chicken is a Silkie (though we're not sure boy or girl), and we can't ID...
  16. Kikai

    Mystery chickens!!

    I got 4 eggs from a farm and decided to try and hatch them in my incubator. 2 were fertile and hatched. I have no idea what breed or sex they are. Because they are farm chicks, I guessed initially by shell color and chick color that they were some type of sex linked breed, which would make...
  17. S

    Male or Female Black Indian Runner (Posted to the Chicken section by accident!)

    (I'm dumb and posted this to the chicken sexing forum instead of the one for ducks, and I don't know how to delete my thread so I can move it; I'm sorry.) Is Twisty a boy or a girl? He is the one making the raspy whistle sound (sorry about all the conflicting duck sounds, this was their first...
  18. shammond

    4 week old Pekin Bantam sex?

    Hi all, I currently have 5 chicks who are all around 4 weeks old. We chose to get a few different breeds, but this has made it very difficult to sex them as we have nothing to compare to! This baby is Dumpling, a Pekin Bantam, and of course I am hoping all chicks will be pullets, but I am...
  19. K Mole

    Rhode Island Red and Ameraucana chicks gender question

    Hello, When I was a kid my family raised a lot of chickens as pets, (like flocks of 40-60 at a time). I just bought my first home with my husband and son and thought it would be great to get a few back yard chickens. My husband and I went out and got these two chicks. We were told they were...
  20. N

    Hen or roo??? 4 cute Plymouth rock

    Hi there!! I am new to this and i have 4 cute 3.5 months old chickens. I think they are Plymouth Rock... Would like to grow them for eggs only so no roo's pls. Can you help? Im uploading 4 pics so pls answer in order of 1 to 4 and the sex, and if you can why do you think that. Thanks!!!! 1...
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