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  1. D

    Favus in silkie bantam rooster? Or another disease?

    I have a 10/11 month old silkie bantam rooster and noticed over the past week or two white chalky and flaky developing on his comb. In some areas there is little black specs but no raised lesions. He seems normal with the same amount of energy and the only thing wrong we noticed was this...
  2. S

    Sweet silkie cockerel needs a home

    Hi all! I’m new to chicken keeping and live in an urban area (East Bay, CA) I love my little “pepper’ but we can’t keep roosters. He’s 5 months old all black silkie, snuggly and loves his ladies. Please contact me if you’d like to bring him to your flock and make some silkie chicks or just...
  3. cluelesschickmother

    4 - 5 Month Bearded SILKIES!! Roos or Hens??

    I just bought these adorable four silkies from a local breeder that are about 4 1/2 months. She thinks they are all hens, but wasn't positive about the white paint or black/grey ones. As you can see they are all imperfect, which is why she was selling them, the buff is about a third the size of...
  4. MichiganSilkie

    Silkie Pullets for Sale in SE Michigan

    These blue girls are too cute! We would love to keep them but we can't keep them all! This is a great way to get started silkie pullets without having to go through the guesswork of raising day-old chicks. These little ladies were hatched on our farm on 5/3/20. As with all of our chickens...
  5. luciaschickies

    Lucia's intro & Bantams

    Hello! My name is Lucia, and I'm raising Silkie Bantams in the hopes to sell unique colors as pets~ (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? -- I've had chickens for almost a year now, as a lot of my family shares the same flock; however I've only started focusing on...
  6. ChknMama4

    New here!

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? As the ones that feed/water/care for them? Yes. New to chickens. However, my parents currently have lots and have for a few years, and we raised a few when I was 5 or 6 years old. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? We...
  7. delaneylgray

    Odd feathers on Silkie Chicken's face

    Hello! I have had Silkies for almost all my life. I have noticed these odd feathers on one of my Silkies faces. They're a bit hard to describe (see photo) there are these small bead like things gathered around the base of the feathers. I had another chook with a similar condition, I assumed it...
  8. Alexandria_t

    How many eggs can a silkie sit on?

    My silkie has been broody so I decided to give her some eggs. I gave her 2 small standard size (a little bit bigger than a silkie egg) and 1 regular standard sized eggs. So far she has 3 eggs. How many eggs would you give a silkie? I was looking around and some people said 13-14?! I think that...
  9. SavvySilkieMom

    Pine pellets instead of Pine shavings?

    Going to be keep two indoor silkies for ESAs. I want to keep the smell to a minimum and the mess too. I read on here to use pine pellets instead of pine shavings. Is this a good idea?
  10. Alejolive

    Free white Silkie Bantam in Austin Texas

    I live in Austin Texas 78750. I got my 10 silkies Bantam 5 months ago. I'm getting rid of one of the roosters because I already got 2 more. Text me if you are interested.
  11. Krisitne

    Some Pics of My Pretties...

    I've been out in my yard, stalking my little flock again with my camera. Here is my Polish girl and one of my Paint silkies.
  12. C

    Mixed silkies or some kind of deformity? TSC assorted bantams

    hello! I just signed up for an account so my apologies if this is in the wrong section or something. last week (aug 10th) I got 4 assorted bantams from my local tsc. I asked if they knew what breed they were and all i got was an "i dunno, black silkies I think." from what I've researched, it...
  13. Verbon30

    Need a good name for my small silkie farm

    I was going to go with FLUFFY BUTT FARM but there are a few with that name already. I want to print up some business cards.
  14. Verbon30

    silkies is a bit a scratching normal

    Is a bit a scratching normal. Or should I be breaking out the spray. There's no scabs or eat other sides of irritation.
  15. MichiganSilkie

    Silkie Bantam Chickens For Sale - $75 ( SE Michigan)

    As hard as this is to believe.... I have too many chickens :p Selling five silkie bantam chickens as a group, four hens and one rooster. The splash rooster is three-years-old, the white hen is two-years-old and the three blue hens are all one-year-old. These chickens were all hatched on my farm...
  16. melzieg8

    EE’s and silkie bantam cross chicks for sale in MA

    i have Easter eggers crossed with a silkie bantam cross roo chicks for sale and silkie bantam cross (sizzles) for sale! The EE chicks have feathered feet already not sure if they will be bantam yet or not but I don’t think so. Super cute and ready to go!!
  17. Caden Clinton

    Need help sexing a buff silkie

    Hello, I have now owned silkies for about four days! The one in the picture is probably about 7 weeks old. I know that the only way to truly find their gender is through DNA testing. I just want a basic idea on what you guys think this beautiful buff is. Thanks!:D
  18. ChrissyMP

    Silkie Chicken gender

    Hello! I am new to this site and these are my first silkie chicks, but I have been reading lots of things online about how it is difficult to tell their gender at a young age. I’m just curious if anyone on here thinks my black silkie will turn out to be a rooster, just based off of memory on how...
  19. Leelu13

    Silkie pullets or cockerals? ( plus cute pics:)

    These are my silkie babies that I have wanted forever. Over the moon with them! Hubby got them as a Mothers Day gift the week before on Star Wars Day-hence the names.(yes,I'm a big nerd;) All are a little over six weeks. One I think is definitely a roo ( Solo). Would love to hear what you think!
  20. W

    Help Vent Warts/Growths in Sick Silkie Roo

    I need help figuring out what is wrong with my silkie roo. Here is what we have observed and done so far: - Roughly 3 weeks ago He stopped standing up was very weak in the legs and stopped eating. He came and spent a couple days with his “nana” and he got medicated water and quiet time without...
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