1. -Flash-

    Mulberry Flock

    On this thread I'm going to post photos and tell stories about my 16 little chicks. I'll manly be doing it for my own purpose, to look back and laugh at the things babies do. But nether the less, feel free to post here too! I'll start from the very start... We brought the eggs online, 24 of...
  2. sweaterthebroodyrooster

    Strange Figures of Speeches

    What are some of the strangest, weirdest, funniest, craziest, and just plan Absurd figures of speeches/ sayings you have ever heard/ used? I’ll start, “Who pooped in your cornflakes?”
  3. PippinTheChicken

    Who's your best bird friend?

    We probably all have that sweet flock member who you love to death. Sometimes they even love you back. Who is your special boy/girl. Share stories, pics and inform us about your "baby". BIRDS/POULTRY ALLOWED ONLY!
  4. Dawnwolf1234

    Horse Talk Hangout!

    Hey horse lovers! Here’s a thread where you can ask your questions, share your horses, tell us your horse stories and more! You don’t have to own a horse to talk in this thread but please don’t get horses off the internet and say they are yours. Thanks and welcome!!
  5. Blue Raptor

    Post three funniest picture of one of your chickens you have!

    Have you caught one of your chickens doing something goofy? Post a pic, or tell us the story! This silly bird is an Australorp named Penguin. One of the kids buried her in dirt, and she didn’t mind! :gig:gig:gig
  6. My Pretty Pekins

    Because I Don't Like Chickens: Tales of My Flock

    I've wondered about starting a flock thread for a while now, after seeing and enjoying many others. So, in the hopes that just perhaps it will entertain someone else, I'm taking the plunge. (I know. That was dramatic.) We'll start from the start (how very logical, don't you think?) when my Dad...
  7. orloffer

    orloffer's Nest

    Welcome to orloffer's Nest! :frow orloffer's Nest is intended to be a kind and positive thread where BYC members can chat, share their poultry (and other pet/animal) photographs and stories, and share and discuss their hobbies and projects, &c. Anyone and everyone is invited to jump in! This...
  8. Chickeng1rl567

    Michigan Chickens: Stories of our Flock

    Hello! I have many fun stories of our backyard flock. We have 5 hens and 3 pullets right now. We’ve raised chickens for over 5 years now. Our flock has had many adventures, from notorious escapees to lost chickens, bullies, misplaced eggs and more! Let’s start by introducing 2 members of the...
  9. WhatTheDuckingDuck

    Welcome to Insanity!

    Welcome to my Madhouse! Please join me in the insanity and feel free to share your insane experiences! I’ll start off with by listing my “herd” * 50+ chickens egg chickens and meatbirds * 11 Ducks 1 pekin, 5 mallards, 5 khaki campbells * 4 Toulouse goslings, more eggs in the...
  10. Kale the Quail

    Which of your quail is your favourite? (stories!)

    hi i'm bored so :idunno also someone correct me if this is supposed to go in the game jokes and fun thread. So my favourite quail is probably Hazel because she is so sweet and she mostly loves people she's a silver tuxedo :) Story:pop: once another quail was sunbathing and hazel came over and...
  11. WallyBirdie

    Favorite Chicken(s)!

    Anyone want to share pictures and stories of their favorite chickens?! No dinner jokes, please.
  12. cluckmecoop7

    Chick thread!

    This thread is for anyone who has chicks! I saw one about duckings so why not a chick thread? Here you can post pictures and/or stories of your babies and have lots of fun! Also, if your chicks are chickens now, thats fine. If you still have pictures of when they were young or remember stories...
  13. BY Bob

    Fluffy Butt Acres: Stories of our flock

    I have been wanting to do this for some time now. I knew once I started doing this there would be no going back. So I am now diving in and I hope you all enjoy coming along for the ride. First of all let me tell you how we view our flock as that will help you to understand why we treat them...
  14. Dani & Mikey

    Can we just talk BJG?

    Hi all, I have been searching & stalking the threads just to read all I can about Black Jersey Giants. I am intrigued by them! We have 2 7 week old BJG pullets who are so sweet and funny, along with 2 ISA, and 3 EE. I was just hoping anyone who has or has had BJGs can just share their...
  15. Farmer Connie

    New Year Hatch w/Connie,Wickedchicken6,BantyChooks,penny1960,CapricornFarm,Auroradream26 & Rubysword

    This is a thread created by em-wah to keep my BYC Buddies informed and/or involved with the progress of the Chicks that I hatched on New Years Eve/Day which were dedicated to them.. @Wickedchicken6 @BantyChooks @penny1960 @CapricornFarm @Auroradream26 & @Rubysword . :thumbsup For those not "in...
  16. Cluckcluck1215


    WARNING:Some posts will be goorey!Read at your own risk Hey peeps! I love love love making short(long?)stories and want to show everyone! Follow along with my OCs! Jane, Taylor, Arthur, Merln(Not so OC?), Gwen and Morgana(Not so OC?)Hiccup, Astrid, Toughnut, Roughnut, And Snotlout(How to...
  17. D

    What are you reading? (or books you highly recommend)

    Please share descriptions of what you're currently reading (include genre/author). Also, feel free to share info on any books/authors you've read that you'd recommend to others.
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