swedish flower hens

  1. BluebirdHomestead

    Swedish Flower Hens

    Anyone here have Swedish Flower Hens? I’d love to see pics. I absolutely adore them. I have 2 5 week old chicks (this pic was taken 9 days ago. She’s gotten so many more feathers since then!). They have the most personality out of the group of chicks I got. Sadly I lost 4 of my 8 chicks to an...
  2. thecreekhouse

    Let’s Talk About Swedish Flower Hens

    I have the opportunity to acquire a Swedish Flower Hen pullet and I’m strongly leaning toward bringing her home. But before I do, I’d love to hear from any of you who already have one or more SFHs. What do you find their personalities to be like? What about egg production? What color are the...
  3. E

    dozen Swedish Flower Hen hatching eggs. $50 NH

    One dozen purebred Swedish Flower Hen hatching eggs plus extras if available $50 located in Southern NH local pickup.
  4. song of joy

    Swedish Flower Hen - cockerels (central PA)

    11-week old Swedish Flower Hen (SFH) cockerels (roosters) available in blue, splash, and black base colors. Swedish Flower Hens are a rare landrace that was brought into the United States from Sweden in 2010. Roosters tend to have a good temperament around people, which is one of the many...
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