1. M

    Handling chicks that are not tame

    I have 4 chicks that are not tame, I was wondering whether it would be a good idea for me to start handling them so they would get used to my hands when they're older. + any tips on taming chicks?
  2. SiriusChicken

    Sweet tame EE rooster 7 mo

    Olive is a sweet gentle rooster who needs a good home. His mom is a Silver Laced Orpington, his dad is a Cream Legbar. He carries the green egg, crest and barring genes from his dad as well as gold coloring without cream gene gold inhibitors, and partial lacing and the sweet, friendly nature...
  3. Ra_

    Rooster Ritual

    Do you have a rooster ritual?
  4. D

    Taming Duckling

    Hi guys, I went to my local produce shop on Saturday to buy some bedding for my hens and came back with an adorable duckling (best impulse buy ever). My little duckling is settling in very well in its own little closed off coup within my hens’ free run area (hoping everyone will be used to...
  5. PhoxFroot

    How to tame 2 week old quail chicks?

    Hi, I'm a new-comer to the BYC forums but I've used it as a tool for extensive research and guidance for the last month and half. 2 weeks ago 7 of my coturnix quail eggs hatched and gave me 7 beautiful chicks, all of which I hope to tame and 3 of which I hope to keep as indoor pets...
  6. Ivy Love

    Mean Rooster: Cull or Tame

    Hi BYC! It's Ivy Love. I have a small bantam/Serama (I think) rooster, and he is very aggressive and mean. He used to be a real sweety, but now, he attacks me and my friends (@Dawnclucks22 for instance - yes I know her in real life) and I am not sure what to do. If taming him is the best option...
  7. OakPlaceWales

    Two laying 'pet' hens , free to a loving home (Bronxville,NY,10708)

    We are shortly relocating abroad and very sadly we cannot take our sweet girls; Mabel and Milly. These girls are young dependable layers (2 delicious eggs every other day). They are of a small bantam d'uccle breed. Mabel and Milly have been raised by hand and love humans. Mabel, in...
  8. MageofMist

    Is it really that easy to tame them?

    So, I was giving my injured female quail some mealworms and took her out to look at her toe, the swelling having gone down since yesterday... I gave her a mealworm while she was in my hands and she stopped struggling right away and ate it, I then let her go and gave her 2 more and well... Now I...
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