1. OrlandoMama

    Roo turken?

    Hi! I’m pretty sure this is a roo because of the comb size and colors compared to my other girls but I wanted to ask for a second opinion. Any thoughts? This is my first batch of turkens. Also long shot but any ideas with the silkie? *the cage is temporary, currently deep cleaning the brooder*
  2. CrazyCrevecoeur

    Mystery: Turken born with feathered neck?!

    Somehow, and I’m dumbfounded by this, the Turken x Ameraucana mix which hatched has neck feathers?! I may be mistaken, but for the longest time I’ve known for a fact that the Turken gene in chickens is always dominant, no matter what the cross is? Am I right? I thought that they only needed one...
  3. T

    Is my Turken a female or a male??

    I can’t tell if my turken is a female or a male. It has feathers like a rooster but a small comb like a hen.
  4. happyvelociraptor

    Turkens, OE, CCLB - ~5wks

    Hello again, it's been a while! I recently added 4 more chicks to my flock, if anyone has guesses on gender I would love to hear it! CCLB: pretty positive she's a pullet, but mostly posting cus she's pretty. Turkens: I've never had these before, but always wanted some. Heard they are harder to...
  5. davidmpenning

    Adding Naked Neck (Turkens) into Breeding Program

    Has anyone tried (or thought about) adding some Turkeys/Naked Neck gene into their sustainable meat program? From what I’ve read, the NN gene carries so many benefits - easier plucking, more meat production (especially in the breast), more resistant to diseases, great mothers, good taste...
  6. Ab1010

    Some chick pics!

    Hatched a turkey bantam cochin mix. A silkie cochin mix and a Easter egger Orpington mix chick. I also hatched one that I'm completely unsure what it is but pretty sure it's Orrpington mix. I'm in love! Who else loves mixing and seeing what you get?? I just do this once in a blue moon. I...
  7. Veiji

    Breeding Advice?

    We have some Turkens we hatched last week, of the 9, one was a Frizzle. We wanted to breed for showgirls, so we got 6 Silkies. If we breed the Frizzle Turken with a Silkie, what would we get? (Turkens all have bowties). Our goal is Showgirls, and Sizzle Showgirls. How would we go about...
  8. Blue Raptor

    Turken Naken Necks (EW!)

    All of the Turken Naked Necks I've seen are ugly! Who else thinks this way? Why were they bred with no feathers on their necks? I think I heard because their easier to pluck that way... But just WHY? They are so ugly. If you care to object, please do so, but I feel like a lot of people will...
  9. winglesschicken

    Turken acting strange

    Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I've been here. Anyways, so one of my Turkens has been acting super strange for awhile now. Super sickly looking (pale comb and neck), just stands there all puffed out and seems to really lack awareness. The way she walks is really strange, too. I can't...
  10. Jmommy2008

    Turken hen to silkie roo sex link question. Please help!

    Ok I know if you breed a naked neck (turken) to a silkie the babies are supposed to be sex link by their skin color. Black skin means hen and pink skin means boy. What do I do if one is born half and half?! I’ll post a pic of my newly hatched chick. It’s lower half is all blue/black skin and...
  11. K

    Baby Turken with injured eye!? Please help...

    I’ve got a turken that’s almost 4 weeks old, I’m not sure if its a boy or a girl, but 4-5 days ago she started displaying issues with depth perception and was sleeping a little more. I made notice that she was babying the eye when I examined all the chicks, but I didn’t think much of it except...
  12. O

    Blind(?) chick saved from being cannibalised please help

    This year has been a crazy year for brooding. I currently have two hens fighting over a clutch they had sort of shared for a while up to hatch day. This is where the story begins I guess. There had been several eggs left unhatched by the time the ladies were up, which isn't unusual. But when I...
  13. Morgan Chickens

    Turken cross help

    Hi, how do I get chicks like this? could i use my Easter egger rooster who has a beard with my turken hens? I would like to have turkens with beards.
  14. GingerGypsy81

    Hi, finally thought i'd introduce myself

    This is my third "batch" of chickens. I have to move a lot so I always end up selling them or giving them away. I'm hoping I can keep these ones. I currently have 22 birds in total. 2 Emden geese, 3 turkeys, 2 muscovy ducks, and the rest are various chickens. Americaunas, Buff Orpingtons...
  15. winglesschicken

    Around 3 month old Turken just died

    (This chicken was a hen, just wanted to let you all know) He actually died while I was writing a post about his condition. I'll describe what I can remember here. I began noticing his abnormal behavior yesterday. He began acting quite sticky, lagging behind his flock and not foraging like...
  16. winglesschicken

    Naked-Neck chick's neck is peeling

    I don't know their exact age. I got 6 chicks from Rural King about 3 or so days ago (as of 1/15/20). I've been holding one of the 'Turkens' in my lap for a while and I just noticed that its neck is peeling. Is this normal? Should I get some sort of cream for it? Or will it go away?
  17. A

    Naked neck/turken and Rhode Island Red gender

    Can anyone please help me determine the sex of these 3 chicks? I was sold them as pullets but I’m uncertain. Thank you!
  18. WallyBirdie

    When to re-home?

    I have never re-homed a roo before. Never needed to. At this point, I still don't, but if it comes to that later- When? How? Where? I know there is a forum on here for that. But I just need a little info from people who are more experienced. I have three male turkens that are one month-old...
  19. WallyBirdie

    Another One Sprouts a Comb

    My turkens Disco and Butch hatched 5 little ones and gifted the flock with 5 little turkens. Within a couple weeks it was clear that I had two boys, Oswald and Cornelius, I assumed the other three were pullets. It has dawned on me now that I have three cockerels and two pullets instead. One had...
  20. WallyBirdie


    My little turkens are just under 3 weeks old, and one little fella already has a telltale comb! I really need to get pictures of all the precious little ones. For now, I'm marveling at this little comb... (Ignore the mess. Had to bring the little ones into the garage temporarily while I fixed...
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