❤️‍🩹 Duckling still has crooked leg and very bad eye. I’m worried sick!! Please read! ❤️‍🩹


Jun 20, 2022
Thank you all so much for your help and kindness! ❤️ I know I must be annoying with all my questions, but I’m a first timer at rescuing, incubating and caring for newborn ducklings. ❤️

First, I don’t know if our little one is blind, her eye is cloudy and had a ton of goo in in for the first 2 days. She’s 4 days old today. I was her eye several times a day with warm water only.
As for her leg, I’m not giving her Niacin, I didn’t know I needed to, so thank you! Can I get it at Truck and Tractor Supply? And could anyone suggest what kind to get?
A lot of this product do not have directions.
I read that ducklings don’t do well alone, and I’ve been keeping her separated from her siblings because I don’t know if ducks are like chickens and will peck a lame one to death.. but I felt so sorry for her just being with me, (I’m a teacher so I’m home with my 2 young children during the summer) I’ve been “wearing” her in a little home made sling so she’s not alone. Lol!
This morning I took a chance and put her in with her 3 siblings. She’s literally half their size, but they took to her right away!! 😃 The only problem is she cannot settle down!! She’s VERY active and keeps the others awake with her constant chirping and moving about. She just can’t seem to relax and I don’t know why, and it’s just another thing that worries me. Ugh, first it was “Pip” who was premature and born with his entire yolk sac attached and was so weak he couldn’t even lift his neck! I nursed him back to health and now he’s doing perfect!
Then this little one was born with all her issues. I’m exhausted and at a loss on what to do.
When she drinks it’s like a FRENZY, shaking her head all over and the same thing when she eats! I hand feed her hard boiled egg yolk with watered down starter chick food that I mush together with the yolk. I have “Save a Chick” electrolytes and vitamins but the expiration date is 2020, and I JUST bought it. I’m not sure if it’s safe..
Anyway, that’s the story. I wish I knew WHY she can’t settle down, it makes me very nervous. She’s never content.

Thank you so much for listening to my whole story everyone, I truly appreciate all your advice and kindness. ❤️❤️❤️

Here are some photos from this morning. You can clearly see which is her bad eye, and how tiny she is compared to the others.

Love & Hugs 🤗


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Photos didn’t load. Here are the rest. 😁


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I would make sure they are getting enough niacin, I had a duckling born early with a bad eye last week also splay leg. The eye wasn't cloudy but it kept it shut a lot now its open and the pupil does not dilate. I would make sure the duckling can dunk their head fully under the water and try to wash it out on their own.

And for the legs, I don't know how she is walking exactly but you might need to make a little boot splint (like popsicle stick or cut a tupperware plastic thin lid shaped like a foot) and put it under the foot with the toes flattened and then gently wrap it around. If its running and the legs are splaying outward try the band-aid method to tie the legs together which should fix its self in a day or 2. The little boot might take a bit longer.

As long as she is trying to eat it just might be hard, using moist duck crumble should be good just watch the poop if they look normal she just might take a bit longer to grow.

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