Jun 13, 2022
I made another post about my chicken feeling sick, in case you didn’t see it here’s the basics. She has watery poo, she’s barely eating or drinking. We gave her CORID in case she has Coccidiosis. She’s stands on one foot occasionally and walks extremely slow. Her head is sunken and she’s puffed up. I’m not home to see her. But according to my mom, she is just standing in the back of the coop. Just standing there. She has come out a few times throughout the day to eat and drink. But I’m still concerned about her. Does anyone know if she’s gonna die??
You aren't getting responses to your many threads on this same subject because there are so many no one knows which to reply to.

I suggest you go back to each superfluous thread, click on "Report" and ask the moderator to remove them all except for the one that has replies.

If you have one thread on a subject, you can add as much new information to it as you wish, and then everyone will be able to read all the information in just the one thread. It's like the difference between shopping at Walmart for all your stuff instead of running all over town for everything.

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