1 day old hatched Chick that will not uncurl

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  1. PrettyBirdie

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    Aug 30, 2016
    I have a little chick that I helped hatch. He was having some problems leaving the egg so I ended up helping him out. I made sure that the membrane had no blood, which showed that all the blood had returned back to the chick. Also, the yolk was completely absorbed into the abdomen of the chick. The problem is that he does not want to uncurl from a ball like position.
    He can stretch out his neck, but doesn't stay with it outstretched. His legs are very strong but he has all his toes curled up. What is wrong with this chick and what can I do to help. Here are some pictures.




  2. lillyandlarry

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    Jul 12, 2015
    He may have neurological issues in that case there's nothing you can do. Or it may be as simple as a nutrition deficiency. I would try getting a bottle of nutri-drench from a local feed store asap. meanwhile you should probably start making uncurling boots for his toes if they're stuck in that position. If they're not stuck and he can stretch them normally then don't bother with the boots. Best of luck[​IMG]

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