1 day old possible Roost? Yeah I know...


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Apr 7, 2013
Okay so brand new,

Got my 4 chicks today, kinda gave in after a lot of searching, I've said no a lot but this time it was too hard!. Well of the four this one little one already has a spikey crown and is 1 day old i'm told!!! So i know it's super early and it could mean nothing but this one acts differently than the others and is longer legged as well. Is a crown showing normal in the first couple days? Few pictures first is of Rogue (possible he she), other is for cuteness only. Got 2 Buff O and 2 Barred R.

Possible Baby Roo "Rogue"

This one is for cuteness (Rogue and Gene Gray)

All in all named, Rogue, Gene, Storm, Hit Girl (the kid named that one)
I'm not seeing anything that screams cockerel in that picture. A little comb at hatch is quite normal - if it grows large faster than the others and starts to turn pink/red at an early age (3 weeks and on), that would be a more definitive sign.
So the chicks are a week old now! all doing well no pasty butt or anything. But as the three girls have long wings and some tail feathers, Little Rogue still has neither. I attached a few more photos of them. He is normally the one sitting on the far left, except the one picture is of Him/Her trying to fly about! They are so fun but how Rogue isn't growing like the others still makes me nervous.


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