1 egg left - what do I do?


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6 Years
Apr 8, 2013
I have one egg left in the incubator. When I candled them the day before lock down it has a large dark area, and then a rather large air pocket. I saw no movement but left it in just in case. Now the other 4 eggs have all hatched, and I candled that odd one again and it looks the same. Still no movement except possibly once, along the edge. Looked like a tiny pulse, but it stopped before I could really watch it. So what would you do? Leave it another day or 2? Pitch it?
You don't mention what day you are on, but anyway, I would leave it another 36 hours after the hatch of the last egg.
Oh I'm sorry! I forgot that - we are only on day 21. The other eggs started hatching the night of the 19th.

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