1 egg per day for three days, one shell-less egg on 4th day


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Hi all,

One of my six pullets (a RIR) has just started laying. She layed one smallish egg per day for three days, then on the fourth day she layed a shell-less "membrane" egg, and now nothing for the past two days. On Sunday i heard a lot of commotion and egg song (actually, some of it sounded painfull) but still no more eggs. I realize they are young and these shell-less -icky eggs can happen, but I am concerned she may be egg bound. However, she seems happy, runs around and is eating like a trooper. I am wondering, what are the signs of a pullet/hen becoming egg-bound, and if so - what do I do? I am guessing it is gonna be clinically gross. Perhaps I am just being a worry wart....

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They might cry in pain, or become sullen, not move around so much and lose interest in food. Generally they take on a strange stance, with their tail drooped down and kinda waddling. Their bellies between their legs seem swollen and sore.

I bet she's just fine. Its normal for pullets to take a few days off in the beginning. And the membrane egg is pretty normal.

You do have them on layer pellets right? Or you're supplimenting them?

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