1 incubator, 3 sets of eggs hatching 3 days apart from each other

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by GloriaCordelia, Dec 28, 2009.

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    Dec 2, 2009
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    I have 3 sets of eggs hatching all within 3 days of each other. I'm thinking that might be a problem but I am unsure. For one thing I know the humidity is supposed to be at 85% the last 3 days when the chicks are positioning themselves to hatch. Well, what about the other 2 sets of eggs, their humidity is supposed to be at 65%. Will the increase in humidity affect the eggs if they are in the same incubator as the chicks hatching? Do I need another incubator? Thank you : )
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    When I was faced with that question, I got another foam incubator without a turner to use for a hatcher. It was a good thing I did, because my chickies don't always hatch on a clockwork schedule! That way I could up the humidity in the hatcher without disturbing the climate in the incubator.
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    You can also build a hatcher for cheap from a styrofoam cooler and a 25 watt bulb.
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    Feb 4, 2009
    I don't think you need another Bator. I would even leave the auto turner on for the first batch to hatch. Mine seem to hatch just as well with the auto turner on as off. Far as humidity. My better results have been from the dry incubation method. Start out near 65% and let the humidity drop into the 30's before you add anymore water. They hatch just fine.
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    I disagree .... I would NOT leave them in the turner to hatch ... the chicks get stuck between the turners and get hurt.
    Here is a link to a young lady's thread that did a staggered hatch in one incubator. Maybe you could PM her, and ask her details.

  6. hinkjc

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    I agree with a couple comments here. Your humidity range seems a bit high for a successful hatch. 85% may end up drowning your chicks before they get to pip thru the shell. If you're running at 65% relative all the way through incubation, you may not even need to increase your humidity at hatch. [​IMG]

    I would remove the turner and just hand turn the eggs until you see a pip. You could place the eggs that are not due to hatch inside a temporary 'shelter' off to the side so they don't get rolled around too much by the newly hatched chicks and resume turning the other eggs when you remove your chicks.

    Personally, I prefer to have a backup incubator for these types of instances. Incubate in one and hatch in another.
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    Jun 8, 2009
    Not sure what kind of incubator you have but I have hatched mutiple sets before in an LG styrofoam incubator. I took 3 of the trays out of the auto turner and put a piece of cardboard (about 1.5-2 inches tall) between the turner and open area. I then used the open area for hatching. I left the humidity at roughly 45% the whole time. I didn't care for doing it that way but it was my only option at the time and worked out for me. As soon as the chicks were close to being fluffed out and getting more active, I pulled them out to keep them from getting into the remaining turner racks.
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    i'm doing this now, but 13 days apart which is worse. the eggs not in lockdown werre turned by hand in an egg carton. it is a mess. i suggest a separate hatcher. and yes, they'll be climbing everywhere.

    great luck. it will keep you busy and having fun either way.

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