1 mo old duckling with recent limp HELP!


Jul 19, 2016
Hi, I have a 1 mo old duckling that had a broken femur on her right leg. Took her to the vet and she splinted it. The duckling (simon, didn't know the sex when I named her) healed up great, although she continued to scootch around on her good (left) leg and hop. I tried to limit her movement for the time she was splinted, but she's feisty and would hop in her small cage. She's been great, swimming, walking, etc but this morning when I got up and let her out of her cage, she just layed and wouldn't walk. When she did walk, she had a definite limp and was favoring her left leg. It was a bit turned in under her from her days in the splint since she would put it more under her bosy for balance. Now it looks more turned in though. It was fine last night, so I can only guess she hurt it during the night somehow. I can move it into a normal position and there doesn't seem to be any extra heat in the leg, although it looks a bit swollen to me. I put her in an epsom salt bath for some water therapy and ahe didn't swim around like usual at first, but after an hour she was using both legs normally. Once out of the bath, she walked with a little less of a limp, but not normal by any means. Been reading other threads - could this be a slipped tendon? She is eating an organic broiler feed we give our meatbirds and young layers. There aren't any medications in it, but a high protein. She was doing great on it, but now I'm wondering..... she also gets outside most days to forage and play. Yesterday she was playing in dirty water (turned her nose up at the nice clean tub of water i had for her), so maybe worms or parasite? No clue. If you have any experience with something like this, please help! Thank you!!

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