1 of my ducks flew away

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by duckman4450, Nov 22, 2013.

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    Aug 1, 2012
    I had 2 flying wild mallards. I live in a suburban area with lots of houses. I would take my ducks flying everyday and they absolutely loved it and always came back to my house and would find me when flying and land near me. Whether they flew around my neighbors house back to my yard or around the block, they never had a problem locating me. 1 of my ducks got confused and flew too far. She came over my house and was really high up. My other duck landed though so she is okay. The duck that flew passed over my house in sight 3 times back and forth, confused, then was gone. She did not fly away on purpose, and was a very loving and sweet duck. I presume she is close by but have looked for her and no luck. This happened about 3 days ago. Now I have 1 of the 2 ducks, gabby, and she is getting very lonely without her friend obviously. She's quacking a ton. She quacks a lot more when she is alone. When I put her in the bathtub and leave the bathroom for just a few minutes she quacks like crazy and flies onto the sink and pecks at the mirror because she thinks it is another duck. She has been eating and drinking and bathing so that's not a problem. She is also a lot more defensive when my dogs are around and she will charge them from across the room. She is sometimes also acting strangely where she puts her head very low to the ground and walks around. Any advice on what I should do? Thanks :)
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    You need another duck. Any breed will do for now. Look on craigslist. Post on BYC. I gave a fellow member an extra drake the other day. She will get too lonely by herself. Where are you located maybe someone reading will give you one.
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    Very good advise.
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    You definitely need another duck. Also, clip your remaining duck's wing. She will end up flying away too if you don't. They don't even necessarily do it on purpose, as you saw, it can happen accidentally and they have no homing instinct so they get lost easily. Since you've raised her your whole life if she flies away she will have no idea how to feed herself and will likely starve, and if that doesn't happen, she's likely to be taken by a predator because she has no experience with such things. I had one fly away too, and it never came back because it probably got lost and starved. Lesson learned, and there are no more flighted birds here.

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