1 week old chick falling asleep while standing, lethargic

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  1. Annilee07

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    Apr 13, 2012
    I am new to this and have 6 week old chicks that I am raising as pets/layers. My Light Brahama chick Dixie started being less active wednesday night.Yesterday didn't eat much and was falling asleep standing up with light brown liquid feces with only a small amount of solid. NO blood. Last night while I was in the room, where the brooder box is, she ate for quite awhile and I caught her eating again early this morning. She still is not as active as the others and is kind of a loner and lethargic. I haven't seen her eat since. She is just hanging out under the lamp, moves around every now and again. Lady at the feed store gave me electrolytes to put in the water, so now they have that! Help! Any suggestions of insight will do. I'm already attached to these girls!

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