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Aug 7, 2013
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Someone else on BYC started a thread of 8 Week chicks. (Sorry - Can't remember the name). I thought it was a brilliant idea. As a newbie myself I am always wondering what my chicks will look like in the coming weeks. And I had a hard time finding pictures in a central location. So thought I would start several threads bringing us up to 8 weeks.

Please add your own pics of your chicks at these ages. And please put in breed so all us newbies can get an idea of what our babies will look like

Here are mine at 1 week

Blue/Black English Orpington

Splash English Orpington

Black Australorp

Barred Rock

Gold Sex Link Pullet

My chicks will hopefully arrive (6) about 9/24, I will add pix too, I can't wait, I too have been looking for pictures of how big they are each stage! Love your chicks!
Glad you like the thread. Before my chicks arrived I was always looking to see what they would look like! I started a thread for each week. Will start a 6 week thread tomorrow after 6 week pics!

I'll be excited to see you chick pix!
So I am a little slow on the uptake! I thought your chickens were just one week, found your other pictures! Love them! This is probably a silly question, when you get them, how did you figure out which was which breed? I have four several similar breeds (colors) ordered.
It's a good question! I sat with the Meyers Hatchery catalog comparing the chick pictures to the chicks. That being said we did have a case of mistaken identity. We started a buff orpington and a golden sex link and I thought I knew which was which. Then one died (the one that I though was the golden sex link. At week three when feathers started to come in we realized that our buff orpington was really a gold sex link and that the buff was the one that died. Felt pretty silly!
Buff Orphington

Buff Orphington

Barred Plymouth Rock

Barred Plymouth Rock

Speckled Sussex

Golden Laced Wyandotte

One Week Old!

So Cute!!!! Will you keep posting I the other week threads? It will be fin to watch them grown with you! I love the faces on the Speckled Sussex!
yes! I love seeing the amazing difference one week can make! Yes the sussex is everyone's favorite although one of the most skittish!
As they get bigger though the others feathering gets more exciting too. I love my Barred Rock. And I'm wishing I had a laced Wyandotte (not sure whether I would get gold or silver)

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