1 year old hen wheezing, weak and very thin.

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    Jun 2, 2011
    I found my favorite hen wheezing after laying her egg yesterday. A very loud whistling wheeze. No drainage. Today she is breathing with a very shallow soft wheezing sound. I have her isolated in a large dog kennel with a heat lamp. I couldn't get her to eat or drink her water, which had Duramycin-10 in it. I finally put the Duramycin in some kefir with bits of bread and she wolfed it down. Her throat looks clear as far as I can see, but she feels very thin and her crop is completely empty. (It's usually bigger than all my other girls). She has only pooped once, very runny. That was this morning. She looks so weak and wont move more than a few inches. Any ideas what this could be or what I should try next? Since there's no drainage should I treat for gapeworm?

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