10 Bantam cochin out of our show stock-black and blue

Little Ameraucana Mom

Need Help, Can't stop hatching!!!
14 Years
Jul 8, 2008
Greencastle, In
black roo over 2 black hens and 1 blue hen. this is my BEST hens and rooster.
I'd lilke to get these shpped Wed. So would need payment before noon on Wednesday to get them shippped.
paypal: [email protected]

this pic was taken when the hen was young, she is spectacular now.
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To really show, I like them to be no younger then 6 months but 7-8 is prefered for them to really feather out nice and take shape. Of course this also varies from bird to bird. I have a 4 month old that is really to young and immature to show , but she is feather out beautifully. Of course she is one of the ones we will be showing this year.
Love your boxers. Many years ago I raised fawn boxers. But they all have passed on now, but my daughter has one now.
Great dogs, One day I'm getting another one.
Will you be offering these again? I have a hatch due in a couple days...and then need to clean bator etc...Or even the D'uccles?

And aren't boxers the best?! Hercules (flashy fawn) is sire of Andre' (white) and and half the size...lol Just love them so much and want to get even another one...
As soon as I can get in and clean my garage out , I"ll be hatching them myself, So I'll offer them until then, but I plan on doing it the first available , Nice day.
OH really!? I just contacted her about the cochins too...she has beautiful birds, as do you! Your making this harder for me LOL! HUH, maybe I could win both this one and the lavenders and start a whole new batch
Something to ponder on. I wish I could see ahead at how many would hatch from the batches I"m getting Friday.

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