10++ Barred Rock Hatching Eggs

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Jun 29, 2009
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Hi Folks! Rebel Roo Here

In this auction we're offering our Heritage Barred Rock hatching eggs. We've been blessed with some really great birds here! These birds are beautiful and extremely gentle... they are also some of the best layers that we have on the farm! You won't be disappointed with any of our birds here at Rush Lane Poultry... If u win this auction, I'll send u 12 of our Barred Rock Hatching Eggs! We double box all egg shipments.


Thanks for looking!

I just have to say I hatched some of these birds. They are growing up with some Marans that hatched at the same time. These are the friendliest chicks I have had so far. One that I believe is a rooster will let me carry him around and he seems to actually enjoy it. They are feathering out much faster than the Marans also. I look forward to them growing up. These chicks are making me into a BR fan!
One of our BRs got attacked by a hawk/owl (not sure which.) Feathers removed from neck and back (in neighbor's yard.) Talon holes in lower back and neck. Broken wing. My wife stitched her up and she's doing quite well. In three days she was back with the flock. They are hardy birds. Another one, or the same one (we don't band them), was attacked by a dog and stitched up. They are tough birds.

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