10++ Brahma Hatching Eggs

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    Hi Guys! Rebel Roo Here! [​IMG]

    This is a breeding project of ours here! I have a beautiful Dark Brahma Roo in with our Light Brahma Girls...
    We have been getting 3 consistant colors each hatch; we get Light, Dark, and Chocolate Splash colored chicks! Here's a pic of the chicks:
    We just had a new hatch come out yesterday April 26th! We have a load of chicks and now we're sharing with our friends! [​IMG] We'll send at least 12 of these beautiful hatching eggs to the winner!
    Here's some of our chocolate colored chicks at 6 weeks:
    PAYMENT INFO: You can send paypal to: [email protected] and Pls describe what you won in the "Note" section of the invoice... or if you want, you can send me your paypal email address along with a note telling me what you won and I will send you an invoice.

    Thanks for lookin' [​IMG]
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