10+ Coronation Sussex Hatching Eggs


11 Years
Jan 6, 2009
Howell, Mi
I have for auction 10+ PURE Coronation Sussex hatching eggs. We have 7 Pure Pullets and 2 young roosters. They are all about 11 months old and from Greenfire farms. We are getting 4-5 eggs a day. The hatching eggs will be double wrapped and shipping with USPS on Monday. More pictures can been seen on my website. Www.bjspoultry.weebly.com. We are hatching PURE Coronation Sussex chicks every sunday. Any questions please ask. Thanks for looking. Take care. As everyone knows, shipping eggs are a gamble. I will ship out fertile eggs but I cannot guarantee your hatch results. I will ship out extras just in case of breakage. I will mark the box fragile.

------We also have Birchen marans chicks and eggs available.--------

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