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This is my first shipment ever so bear with me. I'm selling the first tester eggs out of my flock of easter eggers. All of the eggs will be whitish or brown, but the rooster, Moose, carries the blue egg gene. They're will be a mix of bantam and large fowl because I have a bantam hen in the pen as well. I don't really know what the fertility is like because I'm hatching some of the eggs as well, they are in the incubator. This is why I'm selling them as testers. At the moment i have three eggs so i should have the rest of the eggs tomorrow. The three I have now were collected today, Friday. The eggs will be sent via the USPS. I will send them Priority Mail. I can use a large flat rate box or medium which ever you prefer. i can also double box upon request. I can use paypal, but if you would like to use cashiers check or money order that would be fine and maybe easier for me (a first timer). the eggs will be shipped at the end of the auction so Wednesday. If you would like to request a ship date a few days after the end of the auction i can make that happen as well.







i will post updated pictures of them all tomorrow when i get a chance. hope everything goes smoothly. Bear with I'm a first time shipper. Questions are welcomed and encouraged!
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i forgot to add the obvious that i cant garauntee a hatch out of these because they are hatching eggs. and that im not NPIP so do not bid if you no that NPIP is required where you are located. i also forgot to say i will add extras i get before wednsday
All im reading is that you cant have them shipped from out of state to you. http://www.guineafowl.com/GeneralStore/regulations.htm


. 24. No person may transport any poultry except for immediate slaughter or hatching eggs INTO Indiana unless:

(1) the flock or hatchery of origin is:

(A) a participant in the NPIP for the eradication of:

(i) pullorum-typhoid; and

(ii) Mycoplasma gallisepticum in turkeys; or

(B) following a program similar to that described in clause (A) which has been officially approved by the board; or

(2) the individual birds have passed a negative test for pullorum-typhoid and, in turkeys, a negative test for Mycoplasma gallisepticum within thirty (30) days prior to date of importation.

(Indiana State Board of Animal Health; Reg 76-1, Title VIII, Sec 2; filed Aug 10, 1976, 10:29 a.m.: Rules and Regs. 1977, p. 134; filed Feb 13, 1987, 2:15 p.m.: 10 IR 1378; filed Dec 2, 1994, 3:52 p.m.: 18 IR 858).
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Pd savage is right. You can still ship and receive. BUT, the only things you can receive are NPIP cert. stock, birds with proper testing per state rules, birds for immediate slaughter, and hatching eggs.
o i thought that meant i cant ship either..... i guess i dont understand....good thing i put a disclaimer on the first post that im a first time shipper.
The Post Office does not enforce those NPIP rules. It is for the NPIP certified people that receives NPIP certfied stock elsewhere. If the NPIP owner receives NON NPIP stock, his certification can be revoked.

That is explained to me by the professor at Springfield Dept of Ag and if I was to certify my flock NPIP, I will have to get NPIP ONLY eggs, chicks or started birds. That would be hard to do with the very rare bantams and Spitzhauben chicks and eggsthat are NOT NPIP certified but their stock was NPIP before. All of my birds are NPIP certified from where I bought them.

Other than that, as long she clarify that, it should be ok to ship to another state and the buyer understands the risk. As far as I know, I think all of her parent's flock are NPIP. Correct me if I am wrong.
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well i guess as long as everyone knows the risk that is all that matters to me. im scheduling a time for a NPIP tester to come out and test my flock ASAP ive also raised the # im offering to 10+ because today all of the girls laid!!!! and they all should be fertile because the three that were suppose to hatch yesterday quit mid hatch
so fertility is there its my fault they didnt make it my humidity was too high
if all goes as planned i should be able to send 14 eggs for my reserve price

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