10 mo. old Brahma unable to walk--possibly dislocated leg(s)?

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    On Monday, 2/2, we found one of our 10 month old brahma hens stuck in our goats' hay baskets attached to the wall of our goat house. After we freed her, she was unable to walk. We have since put her in our basement in the hopes that she will get better (as they often do). She is eating and drinking fine, but her right leg is stuck out in front of her.

    We thought at first that maybe the leg was dislocated. The talon feels hot. Then I started thinking Marek's disease (paralysis of the legs), but she doesn't appear to be showing any other symptoms. Her left leg seems to be fine, but she isn't using it at all. We have tried feeling whether something feels broken or dislocated. When you hold her, her left leg bends and fold on top of itself, whereas, even though you can bend the right leg, it straightens back out when you let go.

    In the strangest turn of events yet, when we picked her up tonight to clean the feces from her rear (there is a lot of it), we found that she had laid her first egg. I imagine this happened because she is in a warm environment (50 degrees compared to 5-10 degrees outside).

    I would appreciate any suggestions or comments. She's going on the 5th day of not moving. Thanks!
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    yes i think it is mericks also. all you can do is make sure she has food and water at all times. sometimes it takes over a month to see them get better. It will be tough. but you gotta wait it out. When she starts getting her leg movement back you gott to watch her closely. thats when she will run around in circles on the ground like homer simpson and kick everything over. Thus not having food and water. Good luck
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    Mareks is a disease that most never recover from and is spread by Dander etc. It also is characterized by wasting away. I would suspect if she was found in a hay manger, more likely she hurt herself, but I'd still be cautious. I would continue with vitamin therapy and keeping her warm and see what happens. I had a roo that injured his back from a roo attack and could not walk for a month, then one day he got up and was fine after his therapy.
    Also herd of people making an oyster shell paste and giving it to their birds.
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