10+ Standard Size Blue Ameraucana Hatching Eggs


12 Years
Mar 18, 2007
Northwest Michigan
These eggs will ship out on Tuesday Priority Mail and I will pm you a confirmation number so you know when they will be delivered. My girls are not hatchery stock, but are a mix of John Blehm and Jerry DeSmidt. My rooster is from Jerry DeSmidt as well. I've had wonderful hatch rates last year from other byc members and myself. Last years hatch included a beautiful splash which is my avatar. For more pictures on my blue's please visit my byc page - there's 2 tabs worth.
Every effort to ensure a safe delivery will be make as all eggs are individually wrapped w/ "new" bubble wrap and very carefully packaged. Once these eggs leave my possession I can not be responsible for postal service mishandling of the package. Shipping only to the "48 states".
I don't have another picture of my eggs, but I can take one tomorrow in the natural day light. I think some people are getting confused with the Blue Ameraucana breed verses the Blue Egg. My hens do not lay blue eggs, but they are blue/green to minty green.
Ooh, you have some up for auction. I believe I have plenty photos of egg examples from your birds. . . I went a little shutter-happy with the colors. I'd also say they're not the "true blue" desired as a goal for Ameraucana eggs, but they're good enough for me.
Some are quite minty green and some others are on the blue-green side. I sure do hope I get a cockerel as handsome as Sampson!!

Oh, and to you bidders - The eggs came to me very well packed, none were cracked at all, and so far things are going well in the incubator.

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